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Correction to: Guiding the Training of Distributed Text Representation with Supervised Weighting Scheme for Sentiment Analysis

In the originally published article, the acknowledgment section is missing. Please find it as follows.

Fairness in optimizing bus-crew scheduling process

, Avishai (Avi) Ceder, Tao Liu. Funding acquisition: Jihui Ma, Cuiying Song, Wei Guan. Investigation: Wei Guan. Methodology: Jihui Ma, Cuiying Song. Project administration: Jihui Ma, Tao Liu, Wei Guan ... . Resources: Jihui Ma. Software: Cuiying Song. Supervision: Jihui Ma, Avishai (Avi) Ceder, Tao Liu, Wei Guan. Validation: Jihui Ma, Cuiying Song, Avishai (Avi) Ceder, Tao Liu, Wei Guan. Visualization: Jihui

Haplotype analysis suggest that the MLH1 c.2059C > T mutation is a Swedish founder mutation

Lynch syndrome (LS) predisposes to a spectrum of cancers and increases the lifetime risk of developing colorectal- or endometrial cancer to over 50%. Lynch syndrome is dominantly inherited and is caused by defects in DNA mismatch-repair genes MLH1, MSH2, MSH6 or PMS2, with the vast majority detected in MLH1 and MSH2. Recurrent LS-associated variants observed in apparently unrelated ...

Nitrapyrin addition mitigates nitrous oxide emissions and raises nitrogen use efficiency in plastic-film-mulched drip-fertigated cotton field

Nitrification inhibitors (NIs) have been used extensively to reduce nitrogen losses and increase crop nitrogen nutrition. However, information is still scant regarding the influence of NIs on nitrogen transformation, nitrous oxide (N2O) emission and nitrogen utilization in plastic-film-mulched calcareous soil under high frequency drip-fertigated condition. Therefore, a field trial ...

Dynamics of soil organic carbon mineralization in tea plantations converted from farmland at Western Sichuan, China

Li, Yongdong Wang. Project administration: Xizhou Zhang, Yongdong Wang, Tao Liu. Resources: Zicheng Zheng, Tingxuan Li, Xizhou Zhang, Shuqin He, Tao Liu. Software: Tao Liu. Supervision: Zicheng

Testing naturalness at 100 TeV

Solutions to the electroweak hierarchy problem typically introduce a new symmetry to stabilize the quadratic ultraviolet sensitivity in the self-energy of the Higgs boson. The new symmetry is either broken softly or collectively, as for example in supersymmetric and little Higgs theories. At low energies such theories contain naturalness partners of the Standard Model fields which ...

Inferring and analysis of social networks using RFID check-in data in China

Social networks play an important role in our daily lives. However, social ties are rather elusive to quantify, especially for large groups of subjects over prolonged periods of time. In this work, we first propose a methodology for extracting social ties from long spatio-temporal data streams, where the subjects are 17,795 undergraduates from a university of China and the data ...

Blocking ATP-sensitive potassium channel alleviates morphine tolerance by inhibiting HSP70-TLR4-NLRP3-mediated neuroinflammation

Long-term use of morphine induces analgesic tolerance, which limits its clinical efficacy. Evidence indicated morphine-evoked neuroinflammation mediated by toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) - NOD-like receptor protein 3 (NLRP3) inflammasome was important for morphine tolerance. In our study, we investigated whether other existing alternative pathways caused morphine-induced activation of ...

Functional genomics analysis reveals the biosynthesis pathways of important cellular components (alginate and fucoidan) of Saccharina

were identified by analyzing transcriptomic and genomic sequencing data of S. japonica (Tao Liu, unpublished data), as well as the species whose genome and transcriptome data were sequenced and published ... a protein with phosphomannose isomerase and GDP-d -mannose pyrophosphorylase activities . Biochem Biophys Res Commun 353 : 200 - 206 Sun XY , Luo D , Tao Liu , Zhao C , Li W ( 2011 ) DNA extraction

Guiding the Training of Distributed Text Representation with Supervised Weighting Scheme for Sentiment Analysis

With the rapid growth of social media, sentiment analysis has received growing attention from both academic and industrial fields. One line of researches for sentiment analysis is to feed bag-of-words (BOW) text representation into classifiers. Usually, raw BOW requires weighting schemes to obtain better performance, where important words are given more weights while unimportant ...

Lidocaine alleviates morphine tolerance via AMPK-SOCS3-dependent neuroinflammation suppression in the spinal cord

Morphine tolerance is a clinical challenge, and its pathogenesis is closely related to the neuroinflammation mediated by Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4). In Chinese pain clinic, lidocaine is combined with morphine to treat chronic pain. We found that lidocaine sufficiently inhibited neuroinflammation induced by morphine and improved analgesic tolerance on the basis of non-affecting ...

Biocide-mediated corrosion of coiled tubing

. Rhonda Clark for administrative support. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Mohita Sharma, Gerrit Voordouw. Data curation: Mohita Sharma, Dongshan An, Tao Liu. Formal analysis: Mohita Sharma ... , Dongshan An, Tijan Pinnock, Gerrit Voordouw. Funding acquisition: Gerrit Voordouw. Investigation: Mohita Sharma, Dongshan An, Tao Liu, Tijan Pinnock, Gerrit Voordouw. Methodology: Mohita Sharma, Dongshan An

IOPA: I/O-aware parallelism adaption for parallel programs

With the development of multi-/many-core processors, applications need to be written as parallel programs to improve execution efficiency. For data-intensive applications that use multiple threads to read/write files simultaneously, an I/O sub-system can easily become a bottleneck when too many of these types of threads exist; on the contrary, too few threads will cause ...

Characterization of the complete chloroplast genome of the Chinese cherry Prunus pseudocerasus (Rosaceae)

The Chinese cherry Prunus pseudocerasus is a fruit tree species with high economic and ornamental values. Many of its wild populations are under threat or even on the verge of extinction. Here, its complete chloroplast genome was assembled using next-generation sequencing technology. The circular genome is 157,834 bp long, and contains a pair of inverted repeat (IR) regions of ...

Neural substrate of posterior left atrium: A novel modulation for inducibility and remodeling of atrial fibrillation in canine

Background The neural mechanism of posterior left atrium (PLA) for genesis of atrial fibrillation has not been completely elucidated. We sought to assess the contribution of PLA denervation on atrial fibrillation (AF) inducibility and atrial remodeling. Methods and results After left thoracotomy in anesthetized dogs (n = 32), electrode catheters were attached to the PLA, left ...

Prevalence of stroke and associated risk factors among middle-aged and older farmers in western China

Objectives China has the world’s largest population and the stroke has become the leading cause of death in recent years. The purpose of this study was to explore the associations between hypertension, family history of stroke, diabetes mellitus, obesity and stroke among middle-aged and older farmers of western China. A population-based study was conducted from June 2014 to April ...

Identification of odorant binding proteins and chemosensory proteins in Microplitis mediator as well as functional characterization of chemosensory protein 3

Editing Services. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Rui-Jun Li, Yong-Jun Zhang, Yu-Yuan Guo. Data curation: Yong Peng, Shan-Ning Wang, Ke-Ming Li, Jing-Tao Liu, Yao Zheng, Shuang Shan, Ye-Qing ... , Jing-Tao Liu, Yao Zheng, Shuang Shan, Ye-Qing Yang. Methodology: Shan-Ning Wang, Rui-Jun Li, Yong-Jun Zhang. Project administration: Yong-Jun Zhang, Yu-Yuan Guo. Resources: Yong Peng, Shan-Ning Wang

A Model for the Stop Planning and Timetables of Customized Buses

expansion of CB networks. Tao Liu [11] systematically reviewed the background and implementation of CBs, analyzed various stages of the CB operation planning process and summarized the shortcomings of CBs