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Pursuing origins of (poly)ethylene glycol-induced G-quadruplex structural modulations

Molecular crowding conditions provided by high concentration of cosolutes are utilized for characterization of biomolecules in cell-mimicking environment and development of drug-delivery systems. In this context, (poly)ethylene glycols are often used for studying non-canonical DNA structures termed G-quadruplexes, which came into focus by emerging structural biology findings and...

Newly characterized interaction stabilizes DNA structure: oligoethylene glycols stabilize G-quadruplexes CH–π interactions

Oligoethylene glycols are used as crowding agents in experiments that aim to understand the effects of intracellular environments on DNAs. Moreover, DNAs with covalently attached oligoethylene glycols are used as cargo carriers for drug delivery systems. To investigate how oligoethylene glycols interact with DNAs, we incorporated deoxythymidine modified with oligoethylene glycols...

Organelle-mimicking liposome dissociates G-quadruplexes and facilitates transcription

Important biological reactions involving nucleic acids occur near the surface of membranes such as the nuclear membrane (NM) and rough endoplasmic reticulum (ER); however, the interactions between biomembranes and nucleic acids are poorly understood. We report here that transcription was facilitated in solution with liposomes, which mimic a biomembrane surface, relative to the...