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By Tessa McMillan, Published on 08/21/18 ... Monsterland Tessa McMillan Follow this and additional works at: BYU ScholarsArchive Citation Author James Crowley Illustrator NA Reviewer Tessa McMillan

Time of the Witches

, 2009. ISBN 978-0802798206. $16.99. 197 p. Reviewer: Tessa McMillan Reading Level: Intermediate, Young adult Rating: Outstanding Genre: Historical fiction; Occult fiction; Subject: Witchcraft --Juvenile

The Truth About Fragile Things

High school junior Megan Riddick thrives while acting on the stage, but shuns the attention of the real world. Her dislike for reality started when Bryon Exby gave his life to save her when she was just two years old. All Megan and her family want to do is bury this secret and move on. But life is blown apart when Charlotte, Bryon’s daughter, moves into town. Charlotte stalks...

A Little Taste of Poison

After failing to expose Eryx of murder, Isaveth and Esmond (aka Quiz) are living an uneasy existence away from each another. However, the owner of Glow-Mor changes everything when he gives Isaveth a scholarship to attend the socially elite Tarreton College. Soon after starting, Isaveth reunites with Esmond and they renew their search for clues against Eryx. Their leads show that...

Creekfinding: A true story

McGhee Reviewer: Tessa McMillan Publisher: University of Minnesota Press Publication Year: 2017 ISBN: 9780816698028 Number of Pages: 36 Interest Level: Preschool , Primary Rating: Outstanding , USA Follow

Blackhearts #2: Blacksouls

Finally reaching Nassau, Anne and her friends, Cara and Coyle Flynn, seek out their uncle, Alastair Flynn, for work and safety. Meanwhile, Teach’s ship, the Deliverance, is attacked by pirates. The captain refuses to fight and is killed, causing Teach to take command. Teach and the crew are arrested for mutiny in Nassau by Governor Webb. Webb releases Teach but holds the crew...

Crown of Three #3: A Kingdom Rises

While Elodie is imprisoned by Lord Vicerin, she uses her powers to summon the dead warriors Vicerin had killed. With the dead’s help, Elodie and her friends escape and fight their way to Melchior and the troops loyal to the triplets. Meanwhile, Gulph wakes up from his fatal jump into the chasm fully healed by Celestis’s waters. Returning to Celestis, Gulph overthrows Lady Redina...

Crown of Three

Crown of Thr ee Tessa McMillan 0 0 This Book Review is brought to you for free and open access by the All Journals at BYU ScholarsArchive. It has been accepted for inclusion in Children's Book and

Crown of Three #2: The Lost Realm

Escaping the zombie plagued Idilliam, Gulph finds a shaky sanctuary in the lost underground realm of Celestis. Meanwhile, the wizard Melchior arrives at the Trident camp and takes Tarlan on a journey to rejuvenate his wizarding powers. Once Tarlan leaves, Elodie’s adopted father, Lord Vicerin, attacks the Trident troops but Elodie pretends to turn on her soldiers to spare their...

A Taste For Monsters

Evelyn must escape the merciless London streets for her survival. Hiding her disfigured face and hungering for asylum, Evelyn seeks employment at the London Hospital. The hospital has a position working for someone else hiding from the world: Joseph Merrick, the Elephant Man. Evelyn is scared by the hideous being, but she grows to love and respect the childlike man inside the...

Gabriel's Clock

Gabriel's Clock Tessa McMillan 0 0 This Book Review is brought to you for free and open access by the All Journals at BYU ScholarsArchive. It has been accepted for inclusion in Children's Book and

Nooks & Crannies

Life for Tabitha Crum has been difficult because of neglectful parents and a harsh school bully. The two things that help Tabitha survive are taking care of her pet mouse Pemberley and reading the Inspector Pensive mysteries. Just when her parents are about to abandon her, Tabitha receives an invitation from the Countess of Windermere to stay for the weekend. The Crums postpone...