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Fast support vector clustering

Support-based clustering has recently absorbed plenty of attention because of its applications in solving the difficult and diverse clustering or outlier detection problem. Support-based clustering method perambulates two phases: finding the domain of novelty and performing the clustering assignment. To find the domain of novelty, the training time given by the current solvers is...

Locality oriented feature extraction for small training datasets using non-negative matrix factorization

This paper proposes a simple and effective method to construct descriptive features for partially occluded face image recognition. This method is aimed for any small dataset which contains only one or two training images per subject, namely Locality oriented feature extraction for small training datasets (LOFESS). In this method, gallery images are first partitioned into sub...

A Comparison of Microbial Water Quality and Diversity for Ballast and Tropical Harbor Waters

Indicator organisms and antibiotic resistance were used as a proxy to measure microbial water quality of ballast tanks of ships, and surface waters in a tropical harbor. The survival of marine bacteria in ballast tanks appeared to diminish over longer water retention time, with a reduction of cell viability observed after a week based on heterotrophic plate counts. Pyrosequencing...