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National and transnational belonging among Turkish and Moroccan older migrants in the Netherlands: protective against loneliness?

This research investigates how a sense of belonging functions as protective mechanism against loneliness. Inspired by the work of Berry (1980) on acculturation strategies (i.e. integration, assimilation, separation and marginalization), we distinguish migrants who feel a relatively strong or weak sense of belonging to larger society and those who feel a strong or weak belonging...

The Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam: cohort update 2016 and major findings

The Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam (LASA) is an ongoing longitudinal study of older adults in the Netherlands, which started in 1992. LASA is focused on the determinants, trajectories and consequences of physical, cognitive, emotional and social functioning. The study is based on a nationally representative sample of older adults aged 55 years and over. The findings of the...

Do major life events influence physical activity among older adults: the Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam

Mai JM Chinapaw 0 Marieke W Verheijden Theo G van Tilburg Marjolein Visser Dorly JH Deeg Marijke Hopman-Rock 0 0 Department of Public and Occupational Health and EMGO Institute for Health and Care

How Grandparents Matter

Low birth rates in developed societies reflect women’s difficulties in combining work and motherhood. While demographic research has focused on the role of formal childcare in easing this dilemma, evolutionary theory points to the importance of kin. The cooperative breeding hypothesis states that the wider kin group has facilitated women’s reproduction during our evolutionary...