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Speocolpodes, a New Genus of Troglobitic Beetles From Guatemala (Coleoptera:Carabidae)

International Journal of BY THOMAS C. BARR 0 0 School of Biol.ogical Sciences University of Kentucky Lexington , Kentucky , U. S. A. 40506 8PEOCOLPODE8, A NEW GENUS OF TROGLOBITIC BEETLES FROM

Ecological studies in the Mammoth Cave system of Kentucky

The Mammoth Cave system includes more than 175 kilometers of explored passages in Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky. Although biologists have explored the caves intermittently since 1822, the inventory of living organisms in the system is still incomplete. The present study lists approximately 200 species of animals, 67 species of algae, 27 species of fungi, and 7 species of...

A psychrophilic yeast from Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

Samples collected in Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, revealed the presence of a psychrophilic yeast, tentatively identified as a strain of Candida albicans. The yeast is saprophytic on dead animal tissues and exhibits a pale yellow colour when growing in the cave. In vitro, the yeast grows poorly at 37°C. and well at 130 and 200, but loses its pigmentation. It is non-pathogenic in...