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A clockwork WIMP

We embed a thermal dark matter (DM) candidate within the clockwork framework. This mechanism allows to stabilize the DM particle over cosmological time because it suppresses its decay into Standard Model (SM) particles. At the same time, pair annihilations are unsuppressed, so that the relic density is set by the usual freeze-out of the DM particle from the thermal bath. The slow ...

Can the relic density of self-interacting dark matter be due to annihilations into Standard Model particles?

Motivated by the hypothesis that dark matter self-interactions provide a solution to the small-scale structure formation problems, we investigate the possibilities that the relic density of a self-interacting dark matter candidate can proceed from the thermal freeze-out of annihilations into Standard Model particles. We find that scalar and Majorana dark matter in the mass range of ...

Can a millicharged dark matter particle emit an observable γ-ray line?

Chamae El Aisati 0 Thomas Hambye 0 Tiziana Scarn`a 0 0 Service de Physique Theorique, Universite Libre de Bruxelles , Boulevard du Triomphe, CP225, 1050 Brussels, Belgium If a -ray line is observed