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Turning the Ship: The Transformation of DESY, 1993–2009

Commons license, and indicate if changes were made. 4 Hallonsten and Heinze, ‘‘Formation and Expansion’’ (ref. 1). 5 The following summary draws on Thomas Heinze, Olof Hallonsten, and Steffi Heinecke ... and Expansion’’ (ref. 1); Westfall, ‘‘Surviving the Squeeze’’ (ref. 7). 9 Hallonsten, ‘‘The Parasites’’ (ref. 1); Olof Hallonsten and Thomas Heinze, ‘‘Institutional Persistence through Gradual

Erratum to: Was sind kreative Forschungsleistungen?

Erratum to: KZfSS Klner Zeitschrift fr Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie ( Was sind kreative Forschungsleistungen? Thomas Heinze 0 Abb. 0 : Quantifizierung der vier Forschungsleistungen 0 0 t

MultiSig: a new high-precision approach to the analysis of complex biomolecular systems

MultiSig is a newly developed mode of analysis of sedimentation equilibrium (SE) experiments in the analytical ultracentrifuge, having the capability of taking advantage of the remarkable precision (~0.1 % of signal) of the principal optical (fringe) system employed, thus supplanting existing methods of analysis through reducing the ‘noise’ level of certain important parameter...