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Maintaining Power by Manipulating Memory in Rwanda

:// Thomas Kelley* “Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.”1 IV. ENFORCING THE KAGAME REGIME’S FANCIFUL VERSION OF HISTORY ... imposed crops and that monocropping prevented farmers from diversifying to spread the risk of crop failure and uncontrollable market fluctuations); Thomas Kelley, Squeezing Parakeets Into Pigeon Holes: The

Wait! That's Not What We Meant by Civil Society!: Questioning the NGO Orthodoxy in West Africa

:// Thomas Kelley* INTRODUCTION A mong those whose vocations or avocations involve spreading democracy and market driven prosperity1 to the developing world, it has long been an article of faith ... term that refers to the traditional chieftaincy. See Thomas Kelley, Squeezing Parakeets into Pigeon Holes: The Effects of Globalization and State Legal Reform in Niger on Indigenous Zarma Law, 34 N.Y.U