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Robust L1 tracker with CNN features

Recently, L1 tracker has been widely applied and received great success in visual tracking. However, most L1 trackers use only the image intensity for sparse representation, which is insufficient to represent the object especially when drastic appearance changes occur. Convolutional neural network (CNN) has demonstrated remarkable capability in a wide range of computer vision ...

A novel image registration approach via combining local features and geometric invariants

Investigation: Tinghua Zhang. Methodology: Yan Lu. Project administration: Kun Gao. Supervision: Tingfa Xu. Validation: Tingfa Xu. Visualization: Yan Lu. Writing ± original draft: Yan Lu. Writing ± review

Non-uniform illumination endoscopic imaging enhancement via anti-degraded model and L 1 L 2-based variational retinex

In this paper, we propose a novel image enhancement algorithm via anti-degraded model and L 1 L 2-based variational retinex (AD-L 1 L 2VR) for non-uniform illumination endoscopic images. Firstly, a haze-free endoscopic image is obtained by an anti-degraded model named dark channel prior (DCP). For getting a more accurate transmission map, it is refined by using a guided image ...

Mission-critical monitoring based on surround suppression variational Retinex enhancement for non-uniform illumination images

Zhitao Rao 0 Tingfa Xu 0 Hongqing Wang 0 0 School of Optoelectronics, Image Engineering andVideo Technology Lab, Beijing Institute of Technology , Beijing 100081 , China In this letter, a surround