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Effects of 12 weeks of Nordic Walking and XCO Walking training on the endurance capacity of older adults

Background Several studies have already examined the positive effects of various forms of endurance training in patient groups and in healthy adults up to 60 years old. The aim of this study was to analyse the effects of Nordic Walking (NW) and XCO Walking (XCO) training on endurance capacity in healthy older adults, aged 60 years and older. Methods Twenty-three older...

TRX Suspension Training: A New Functional Training Approach For Older Adults - Development, Training Control And Feasibility

International Journal of Exercise Science 8(3): 224-233, 2015. Because of its proximity to daily activities functional training becomes more important for older adults. Sling training, a form of functional training, was primarily developed for therapy and rehabilitation. Due to its effects (core muscle activation, strength and balance improvements), sling training may be relevant...

The application of strength and power related field tests in older adults: criteria, current status and a future perspective

Leg muscle strength (LMS) and leg muscle power (LMP) are determinants of aspects of functional status and important parameters for measuring intervention effects in older adults. Field tests are often used for the evaluation of LMS and LMP in older persons. However, criteria important for the application of strength and power related field tests in older adults have not been...

Reliability and effects of muscular pretension on isometric strength of older adults

; Muscular pretension - Authors' contributions Tobias Morat and Peter Preuss designed the research and wrote the paper. Peter Preuss created the tables and figures. Tobias Morat performed research and ... acknowledgments go to Heinz Mechling, Sabine Eichberg, and Hannah Marston for suggestions, criticism, and corrections. Conflict of interest Tobias Morat and Peter Preuss declare that they have no conflict of

The Multisurface Obstacle Test for Older Adults (MSOT): development and reliability of a novel test for older adults

Locomotion is an essential component of independence and well-being at old age. Performance deficits in the gait of older adults most often become evident on multisurface and varying terrains. Research results substantiate that falls occur in everyday movement situations that are characterized by instability. A test track, the Multisurface Obstacle Test for Older Adults (MSOT...