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Long-Term Conservation of Six Duplicated Structural Genes in Cephalopod Mitochondrial Genomes

The complete nucleotide sequences of the mitochondrial (mt) genomes of three cephalopods, Octopus vulgaris (Octopodiformes, Octopoda, Incirrata), Todarodes pacificus (Decapodiformes, Oegopsida, Ommastrephidae), and Watasenia scintillans (Decapodiformes, Oegopsida, Enoploteuthidae), were determined. These three mt genomes encode the standard set of metazoan mt genes. However, W...

Does Cardiorespiratory Fitness Modify the Association between Birth Weight and Insulin Resistance in Adult Life?

Objective Lower birth weight is associated with higher insulin resistance in later life. The aim of this study was to determine whether cardiorespiratory fitness modifies the association of birth weight with insulin resistance in adults. Methods The subjects were 379 Japanese individuals (137 males, 242 females) aged 20–64 years born after 1943. Insulin resistance was assessed...

Association between objectively evaluated physical activity and sedentary behavior and screen time in primary school children

Shigeru Inoue Tomoko Aoyama Shigeho Tanaka 0 Division of Integrated Sciences, J. F. Oberlin University , 3758 Tokiwamachi, Machida, Tokyo 194-0294 , Japan Background: Even when meeting guidelines for

Association between age at onset of independent walking and objectively measured sedentary behavior is mediated by moderate-to-vigorous physical activity in primary school children

National Institute of Health and Nutrition for their help with the survey. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Tomoko Aoyama, Maki Tanaka, Masayuki Okuda, Shigeru Inoue, Chiaki Tanaka. Data curation ... : Tomoko Aoyama, Maki Tanaka. Formal analysis: Tomoko Aoyama. Funding acquisition: Tomoko Aoyama, Chiaki Tanaka. Investigation: Tomoko Aoyama, Maki Tanaka, Chiaki Tanaka. Methodology: Shigeho Tanaka