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Improving food environments and tackling obesity: A realist systematic review of the policy success of regulatory interventions targeting population nutrition

Conceptualization: Jana Sisnowski, Jackie M. Street, Tracy Merlin. Data curation: Jana Sisnowski. Formal analysis: Jana Sisnowski, Jackie M. Street. Funding acquisition: Jackie M. Street. Methodology: Jana ... Sisnowski, Tracy Merlin. Project administration: Jackie M. Street. Resources: Jackie M. Street. Supervision: Jackie M. Street, Tracy Merlin. Validation: Jackie M. Street, Tracy Merlin. Writing ± original

Extending an evidence hierarchy to include topics other than treatment: revising the Australian 'levels of evidence'

Background In 1999 a four-level hierarchy of evidence was promoted by the National Health and Medical Research Council in Australia. The primary purpose of this hierarchy was to assist with clinical practice guideline development, although it was co-opted for use in systematic literature reviews and health technology assessments. In this hierarchy interventional study designs were ...

FORM: An Australian method for formulating and grading recommendations in evidence-based clinical guidelines

(Health Technology Analysts Pty Ltd) Karen Grimmer-Somers, Susan Hillier (iCentre for Allied Health Evidence, University of South Australia) Tracy Merlin (Adelaide Health Technology Assessment, Discipline