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Structural asymmetries of the human cerebellum in relation to cerebral cortical asymmetries and handedness

There is evidence that the human cerebellum is involved not only in motor control but also in other cognitive functions. Several studies have shown that language-related activation is lateralized toward the right cerebellar hemisphere in most people, in accordance with leftward cerebral cortical lateralization for language and a general contralaterality of cerebral–cerebellar ...

A Common CYFIP1 Variant at the 15q11.2 Disease Locus Is Associated with Structural Variation at the Language-Related Left Supramarginal Gyrus

Copy number variants (CNVs) at the Breakpoint 1 to Breakpoint 2 region at 15q11.2 (BP1-2) are associated with language-related difficulties and increased risk for developmental disorders in which language is compromised. Towards underlying mechanisms, we investigated relationships between single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) across the region and quantitative measures of human ...

Language Comprehension in the Balance: The Robustness of the Action-Compatibility Effect (ACE)

How does language comprehension interact with motor activity? We investigated the conditions under which comprehending an action sentence affects people's balance. We performed two experiments to assess whether sentences describing forward or backward movement modulate the lateral movements made by subjects who made sensibility judgments about the sentences. In one experiment ...

Human subcortical brain asymmetries in 15,847 people worldwide reveal effects of age and sex

The two hemispheres of the human brain differ functionally and structurally. Despite over a century of research, the extent to which brain asymmetry is influenced by sex, handedness, age, and genetic factors is still controversial. Here we present the largest ever analysis of subcortical brain asymmetries, in a harmonized multi-site study using meta-analysis methods. Volumetric ...

The ENIGMA Consortium: large-scale collaborative analyses of neuroimaging and genetic data

. Goldstein & Randy L. Gollub & Hans J. Grabe & Oliver Grimm & Oliver Gruber & Tulio Guadalupe & Raquel E. Gur & Ruben C. Gur & Harald H. H. Gring & Saskia Hagenaars & Tomas Hajek & Geoffrey B. Hall & Jeremy