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Caveolin-1 is dispensable for early lymphoid development, but plays a role in the maintenance of the mature splenic microenvironment

large B-cell lymphoma activated B cell-like DLBCL-GBC diffuse large B-cell lymphoma germinal center B cell-like N.S. not significant Tyler A. Herek and Jacob E. Robinson contributed equally to this

Conserved Molecular Underpinnings and Characterization of a Role for Caveolin-1 in the Tumor Microenvironment of Mature T-Cell Lymphomas

Neoplasms of extra-thymic T-cell origin represent a rare and difficult population characterized by poor clinical outcome, aggressive presentation, and poorly defined molecular characteristics. Much work has been done to gain greater insights into distinguishing features among malignant subtypes, but there also exists a need to identify unifying characteristics to assist in rapid...

Integrating Interactive Computational Modeling in Biology Curricula

While the use of computer tools to simulate complex processes such as computer circuits is normal practice in fields like engineering, the majority of life sciences/biological sciences courses continue to rely on the traditional textbook and memorization approach. To address this issue, we explored the use of the Cell Collective platform as a novel, interactive, and evolving...