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One-loop tests of supersymmetric gauge theories on spheres

We show that a recently conjectured form for perturbative supersymmetric partition functions on spheres of general dimension d is consistent with the flat space limit of 6-dimensional \( \mathcal{N} \) = 1 super Yang-Mills. We also show that the partition functions for \( \mathcal{N} \) =18-and9-dimensionaltheoriesareconsistentwiththeirknownflatspacelimits.

Canonical formulation and conserved charges of double field theory

We provide the canonical formulation of double field theory. It is shown that this dynamics is subject to primary and secondary constraints. The Poisson bracket algebra of secondary constraints is shown to close on-shell according to the C-bracket. A systematic way of writing boundary integrals in doubled geometry is given. By including appropriate boundary terms in the double...

Three-point functions in duality-invariant higher-derivative gravity

Doubled α′-geometry is the simplest higher-derivative gravitational theory with exact global duality symmetry. We use the double metric formulation of this theory to compute on-shell three-point functions to all orders in α′. A simple pattern emerges when comparing with the analogous bosonic and heterotic three-point functions. As in these theories, the amplitudes factorize. The...

A note on large gauge transformations in double field theory

Received: April note on large gauge transformations in double Usman Naseer 0 Open Access 0 c The Authors. 0 0 Center for Theoretical Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology We give a

On the curious spectrum of duality invariant higher-derivative gravity

We analyze the spectrum of the exactly duality and gauge invariant higher-derivative double field theory. While this theory is based on a chiral CFT and does not correspond to a standard string theory, our analysis illuminates a number of issues central in string theory. The full quadratic action is rewritten as a two-derivative theory with additional fields. This allows for a...