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Comparison of fluorescence probes for intracellular sodium imaging in prostate cancer cell lines

Sodium (Na+) ions are known to regulate many signaling pathways involved in both physiological and pathological conditions. In particular, alterations in intracellular concentrations of Na+ and corresponding changes in membrane potential are known to be major actors of cancer progression to metastatic phenotype. Though the functionality of Na+ channels and the corresponding Na...

TRPV2 Mediates Adrenomedullin Stimulation of Prostate and Urothelial Cancer Cell Adhesion, Migration and Invasion

Adrenomedullin (AM) is a 52-amino acid peptide initially isolated from human pheochromocytoma. AM is expressed in a variety of malignant tissues and cancer cell lines and was shown to be a mitogenic factor capable of stimulating growth of several cancer cell types. In addition, AM is a survival factor for certain cancer cells. Some data suggest that AM might be involved in the...

Cytoskeleton Reorganization as an Alternative Mechanism of Store-Operated Calcium Entry Control in Neuroendocrine-Differentiated Cells

Neuroendocrine differentiation (NED) is a hallmark of advanced androgen-independent prostate cancer, for which no successful therapy exists. NED tumour cells escape apoptotic cell death by alterations of Ca2+ homeostasis where the store-operated Ca2+ entry (SOCE) is known to be a key event. We have previously shown that the downregulation of Orai1 protein representing the major...