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A Hybrid Deep Learning Architecture for Latent Topic-based Image Retrieval

Learning effective feature descriptors that bridge the semantic gap between low-level visual features directly extracted from image pixels and the corresponding high-level semantics perceived by humans is a challenging task in image retrieval. This paper proposes a hybrid deep learning architecture (HDLA) that generates sparse latent topic-based representation with the objective...

On integrating re-ranking and rank list fusion techniques for image retrieval

This paper aims to unify image re-ranking and rank aggregation strategies to enhance the retrieval precision of content-based image retrieval (CBIR) systems. In general, CBIR systems are concerned with the retrieval of a set of relevant images from large repositories in response to a submitted query. The primary objective of CBIR systems is the exact ordering of database images...

Immuno-hybrid algorithm: a novel hybrid approach for GRN reconstruction

Bio-inspired algorithms are widely used to optimize the model parameters of GRN. In this paper, focus is given to develop improvised versions of bio-inspired algorithm for the specific problem of reconstruction of gene regulatory network. The approach is applied to the data set that was developed by the DNA microarray technology through biological experiments in the lab. This...