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Scattering of kinks of the sinh-deformed \(\varphi ^4\) model

We consider the scattering of kinks of the sinh-deformed \(\varphi ^4\) model, which is obtained from the well-known \(\varphi ^4\) model by means of the deformation procedure. Depending on the initial velocity \(v_\mathrm {in}\) of the colliding kinks, different collision scenarios are realized. There is a critical value \(v_\mathrm {cr}\) of the initial velocity, which...

Scattering of the double sine-Gordon kinks

We study the scattering of kink and antikink of the double sine-Gordon model. There is a critical value of the initial velocity \(v_{{\mathrm {cr}}}\) of the colliding kinks, which separates different regimes of the collision. At \(v_{\mathrm {in}}>v_{\mathrm {cr}}\) we observe kinks reflection, while at \(v_{\mathrm {in}}<v_{\mathrm {cr}}\) their interaction is complicated with...

Multi-kink collisions in the ϕ 6 model

We study simultaneous collisions of two, three, and four kinks and antikinks of the ϕ 6 model at the same spatial point. Unlike the ϕ 4 kinks, the ϕ 6 kinks are asymmetric and this enriches the variety of the collision scenarios. In our numerical simulations we observe both reflection and bound state formation depending on the number of kinks and on their spatial ordering in the...

Scalar triplet on a domain wall: an exact solution

We study a model with a real scalar Higgs field and a scalar triplet field that allows existence of a topological defect — a domain wall. The wall breaks the global O(3) symmetry of the model, which gives rise to non-Abelian orientational degrees of freedom. We found an exact analytic solution that describes a domain wall with a localized configuration of the triplet field on it...

Kink excitation spectra in the (1+1)-dimensional φ 8 model

) , 115409 Moscow , Russia 2 Department of Theoretical Nuclear Physics, National Research Nuclear University 3 Vakhid A. Gani 4 Theory Department, National Research Center Kurchatov Institute 5 Department of