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Interference management with mismatched partial channel state information

We study the fundamental limits of communications over multi-layer wireless networks where each node has only limited knowledge of the channel state information. In particular, we consider the scenario in which each source-destination pair has only enough information to perform optimally when other pairs do not interfere. Beyond that, the only other information available at each...

Slotted Gaussian Multiple Access Channel: Stable Throughput Region and Role of Side Information Vaneet

Aggarwal 1 Ashutosh Sabharwal 0 0 Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Rice University , Houston, TX 77005 , USA 1 Department of Electrical Engineering, Princeton University , Princeton, NJ 08544

Secrecy Capacity of a Class of Orthogonal Relay Eavesdropper Channels

The secrecy capacity of relay channels with orthogonal components is studied in the presence of an additional passive eavesdropper node. The relay and destination receive signals from the source on two orthogonal channels such that the destination also receives transmissions from the relay on its channel. The eavesdropper can overhear either one or both of the orthogonal channels...