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“In a tree by the brook, there’s a songbird who sings”: Woodlands in an agricultural matrix maintain functionality of a wintering bird community

Heavenº we quote in our title. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Biang La Nam Syiem, Varun R. Goswami, Divya Vasudev. Data curation: Biang La Nam Syiem. Formal analysis: Biang La Nam Syiem, Varun R ... . Goswami, Divya Vasudev. Investigation: Biang La Nam Syiem. Methodology: Biang La Nam Syiem, Varun R. Goswami, Divya Vasudev. Project administration: Biang La Nam Syiem, Varun R. Goswami, Divya Vasudev

Patterns and Determinants of Habitat Occupancy by the Asian Elephant in the Western Ghats of Karnataka, India

Understanding species distribution patterns has direct ramifications for the conservation of endangered species, such as the Asian elephant Elephas maximus. However, reliable assessment of elephant distribution is handicapped by factors such as the large spatial scales of field studies, survey expertise required, the paucity of analytical approaches that explicitly account for...

Survival, Recruitment, and Population Growth Rate of an Important Mesopredator: The Northern Raccoon

Populations of mesopredators (mid-sized mammalian carnivores) are expanding in size and range amid declining apex predator populations and ever-growing human presence, leading to significant ecological impacts. Despite their obvious importance, population dynamics have scarcely been studied for most mesopredator species. Information on basic population parameters and processes...