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Opaque16, a high lysine and tryptophan mutant, does not influence the key physico-biochemical characteristics in maize kernel

: Firoz Hossain, Hari S. Gupta. Formal analysis: Konsam Sarika. Funding acquisition: Firoz Hossain, Hari S. Gupta. Investigation: Konsam Sarika, Firoz Hossain, Vignesh Muthusamy. Methodology: Konsam ... Sarika, Vignesh Muthusamy, Rajkumar U. Zunjare, Aanchal Baveja, Rajat Goswami, Nepolean Thirunavukkarasu, Sunil K. Jha. Project administration: Firoz Hossain. Resources: Firoz Hossain. Supervision

Development of β-Carotene Rich Maize Hybrids through Marker-Assisted Introgression of β-carotene hydroxylase Allele

Development of vitamin A-rich cereals can help in alleviating the widespread problem of vitamin A deficiency. We report here significant enhancement of kernel β-carotene in elite maize genotypes through accelerated marker-assisted backcross breeding. A favourable allele (543 bp) of the β-carotene hydroxylase (crtRB1) gene was introgressed in the seven elite inbred parents, which...