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Diminished neural network dynamics after moderate and severe traumatic brain injury

. Investigation: Frank G. Hillary. Methodology: Nicholas Gilbert, Rachel A. Bernier, Einat Brenner, Emily Grossner, Sarah M. Rajtmajer. Project administration: Frank G. Hillary. Software: Vincent D. Calhoun ... . Supervision: Vincent D. Calhoun, Frank G. Hillary. Writing ± original draft: Frank G. Hillary. Grossner, Frank G. Hillary. Writing ± review & editing: Rachel A. Bernier, Vincent D. Calhoun, Einat Brenner

The Rich Get Richer: Brain Injury Elicits Hyperconnectivity in Core Subnetworks

There remains much unknown about how large-scale neural networks accommodate neurological disruption, such as moderate and severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). A primary goal in this study was to examine the alterations in network topology occurring during the first year of recovery following TBI. To do so we examined 21 individuals with moderate and severe TBI at 3 and 6 months...