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Uniparental Markers of Contemporary Italian Population Reveals Details on Its Pre-Roman Heritage

Background According to archaeological records and historical documentation, Italy has been a melting point for populations of different geographical and ethnic matrices. Although Italy has been a favorite subject for numerous population genetic studies, genetic patterns have never been analyzed comprehensively, including uniparental and autosomal markers throughout the country...

Fatal injection of ranitidine: a case report

Pascali 2 0 Forensic Toxicology Laboratories, Catholic University, School of Medicine , Rome , Italy 1 Institute of Pathology, Catholic University, School of Medicine , Rome , Italy 2 Institute of Legal

Discerning the Ancestry of European Americans in Genetic Association Studies

European Americans are often treated as a homogeneous group, but in fact form a structured population due to historical immigration of diverse source populations. Discerning the ancestry of European Americans genotyped in association studies is important in order to prevent false-positive or false-negative associations due to population stratification and to identify genetic...