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Prolonged exposure of mouse and human podocytes to insulin induces insulin resistance through lysosomal and proteasomal degradation of the insulin receptor

Aims/hypothesis Podocytes are insulin-responsive cells of the glomerular filtration barrier and are key in preventing albuminuria, a hallmark feature of diabetic nephropathy. While there is evidence that a loss of insulin signalling to podocytes is detrimental, the molecular mechanisms underpinning the development of podocyte insulin resistance in diabetes remain unclear. Thus...

Caspase cleavage of Atg4D stimulates GABARAP-L1 processing and triggers mitochondrial targeting and apoptosis

Virginie M. S. Betin 0 Jon D. Lane ) 0 0 Cell Biology Laboratories, Department of Biochemistry, School of Medical Sciences, University of Bristol, University Walk , Bristol BS8 1TD , UK - Summary