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Diagnostic accuracy of tablet-based software for the detection of concussion

, Benjamin Flores, Rotem Magal, Kyrsti Harris, Jonathan Gross, W. Frank Peacock. Formal analysis: Amy Ewbank, Pablo Ormachea, Waleed Nasser, Yael Katz. 12 / 14 Investigation: Suosuo Yang, Benjamin Flores ... . Software: Yael Katz. Supervision: Yael Katz. Validation: Yael Katz. Visualization: Waleed Nasser, Yael Katz. Writing ± original draft: Benjamin Flores, Sasha Davenport, Pablo Ormachea, Yael Katz, David

Genomic Characteristics Behind the Spread of Bacteremic Group A Streptococcus Type emm89 in Finland, 2004–2014

Background. Many countries worldwide have reported increasing numbers of emm89 group A Streptococcus (GAS) infections during last decade. Pathogen genetic factors linked to this increase need assessment. Methods. We investigated epidemiological characteristics of emm89 GAS bacteremic infections, including 7-day and 30-day case-fatality rates, in Finland during 2004–2014 and...