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A pilot study to determine the effect of one physical therapy session on physical activity levels for individuals with chronic low back pain

Background A pilot study was conducted to quantify the effect size of changes in physical activity after of one session of physical therapy for individuals with chronic low back pain and to determine factors that predict daily sedentary activity time. Methods Fourteen subjects with at least 3 days of physical activity accelerometer data were analyzed before and after one session...

A comparison of work-related physical activity levels between inpatient and outpatient physical therapists: an observational cohort trial

Background Physical therapists (PTs) work in a variety of healthcare settings with varied levels of physical activity demands placed on them. The purpose of this study is to compare the physical activity (PA) levels between PTs in inpatient versus outpatient environments for one work week using a cross-sectional design. Methods Sixty-one PTs (30 inpatient, 31 outpatient) wore a...