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Distributed Weak Fiber Bragg Grating Vibration Sensing System Based on 3 × 3 Fiber Coupler

A novel distributed weak fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs) vibration sensing system has been designed to overcome the disadvantages of the conventional methods for optical fiber sensing networking, which are: low signal intensity in the usually adopted time-division multiplexing (TDM) technology, insufficient quantity of multiplexed FBGs in the wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM...

Competitive sorption of Ni and Zn at the aluminum oxide/water interface: an XAFS study

funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) (Grant Nos. 41473084, 41722303) and the Distinguished Young Scientists Program of Jiangsu Province (BK20150018). Wei Li is grateful to the

The Optimization of Spacer Engineering for Capacitor-Less DRAM Based on the Dual-Gate Tunneling Transistor

The DRAM based on the dual-gate tunneling FET (DGTFET) has the advantages of capacitor-less structure and high retention time. In this paper, the optimization of spacer engineering for DGTFET DRAM is systematically investigated by Silvaco-Atlas tool to further improve its performance, including the reduction of reading “0” current and extension of retention time. The simulation...

Myocyte enhancer factor 2A promotes proliferation and its inhibition attenuates myogenic differentiation via myozenin 2 in bovine skeletal muscle myoblast

. Methodology: Ya-Ning Wang, Pei-Wei Li. Writing ± original draft: Ya-Ning Wang. Validation: Ya-Ning Wang, Wu-Cai Yang, Hong-Bao Wang, Ying-Ying Zhang, Lin-Sen Zan. Writing ± review & editing: Ya-Ning Wang, Wu

How do SMA-linked mutations of SMN1 lead to structural/functional deficiency of the SMA protein?

Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is an autosomal recessive neuromuscular disease with dysfunctional α-motor neurons in the anterior horn of the spinal cord. SMA is caused by loss (∼95% of SMA cases) or mutation (∼5% of SMA cases) of the survival motor neuron 1 gene SMN1. As the product of SMN1, SMN is a component of the SMN complex, and is also involved in the biosynthesis of the...

Brillouin Scattering Spectrum Analysis Based on Auto-Regressive Spectral Estimation

Auto-regressive (AR) spectral estimation technology is proposed to analyze the Brillouin scattering spectrum in Brillouin optical time-domain refelectometry. It shows that AR based method can reliably estimate the Brillouin frequency shift with an accuracy much better than fast Fourier transform (FFT) based methods provided the data length is not too short. It enables about 3...

Effects of Insulin Lispro Mix 25 and Insulin Lispro Mix 50 on Postprandial Glucose Excursion in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes: A Prospective, Open-Label, Randomized Clinical Trial

full responsibility for the integrity of the work as a whole, from inception to published article. Patients. We thank the participants of the study. Disclosures. Wei Li, Fan Ping, Lingling Xu, Meicen

Dynamic and static performance optimization of dual active bridge DC-DC converters

distribution system. Wei LI received the B.S. degree in electronic engineering from North Jiaotong University, the M.S degree in power system from China Academy of Railway Sciences and Ph.D degree in control

Privacy-preserving combinatorial auction without an auctioneer

Combinatorial auctions are employed into many applications such as spectrum auctions held by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). A crucial problem in such auctions is the lack of secure and efficiency mechanism to protect the privacy of the bidding prices and to ensure data security. To solve the problem, we propose an approach to represent the price as a polynomial’s...

Association between TERT rs2853669 polymorphism and cancer risk: A meta-analysis of 9,157 cases and 11,073 controls

Wang. Software: Tao Wang, Wei Li, Chenxi Chen, Lei Chen. Writing ± original draft: Zhengsheng Liu, Tao Wang, Jinchun Xing. Writing ± review & editing: Tao Wang, Kaiyan Zhang, Jianbin Yang, Jinchun

Synthesis and thermoelectric properties of Rashba semiconductor BiTeBr with intensive texture

Bismuth tellurohalides with Rashba-type spin splitting exhibit unique Fermi surface topology and are developed as promising thermoelectric materials. However, BiTeBr, which belongs to this class of materials, is rarely investigated in terms of the thermoelectric transport properties. In the study, polycrystalline bulk BiTeBr with intensive texture was synthesized via spark plasma...

How the diversity, abundance, size and climbing mechanisms of woody lianas are related to biotic and abiotic factors in a subtropical secondary forest, Taiwan

Lianas are woody vines that play an important role in forest dynamics in tropical and subtropical areas. Their relationship to various biotic and abiotic conditions is, however, not yet wholly clear. We explored how the size, climbing mechanisms, diversity and abundance of woody lianas is related to host plant size, environmental factors and topography. Liana assemblages were...

Effect of internal pressure on springback during low pressure tube hydroforming

For the existence of bending deformation during low pressure tube hydroforming(LPTH), springback is unavoidable and deteriorate the forming accuracy. In this paper, an analytical model of springback for LPTH was proposed. The simulation and experiment were carried out to investigate the effects of the main factors on the springback, such as internal pressure, corner radius and...

The corneal epitheliotrophic abilities of lyophilized powder form human platelet lysates

their technological support. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Wei-Li Chen. Data curation: Lily Wei Chen, Chien-Jung Huang. Formal analysis: Lily Wei Chen, Chien-Jung Huang, Wei-Li Chen ... . Funding acquisition: Wei-Li Chen. Methodology: Chia-Ju Lu, Yi-Chen Sun. Project administration: Chia-Ju Lu, Szu-Yuan Lin. Resources: Yi-Chen Sun, Szu-Yuan Lin. Writing ± original draft: Lily Wei Chen

A holographic dual for string theory on AdS3×S3×S3×S1

The CFT dual of string theory on AdS3 × S3 × S3 × S1 is conjectured to be the symmetric orbifold of the \( {\mathcal{S}}_{\kappa } \) theory, provided that one of the two Q 5 ± quantum numbers is a multiple of the other. We determine the BPS spectrum of the symmetric orbifold in detail, and show that it reproduces precisely the BPS spectrum that was recently calculated in...

Community detection in dynamic networks via adaptive label propagation

An adaptive label propagation algorithm (ALPA) is proposed to detect and monitor communities in dynamic networks. Unlike the traditional methods by re-computing the whole community decomposition after each modification of the network, ALPA takes into account the information of historical communities and updates its solution according to the network modifications via a local label...

Effect of drying procedures on the physicochemical properties and antioxidant activities of polysaccharides from Crassostrea gigas

201405017-030 , to Dr. Wei Li and the National Natural Science Foundation of China , Grant number 31571916, to Dr. Changqing Tong 2 Editor: Reza Khodarahmi, Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences , ISLAMIC ... Tong, Wei Li. Data curation: Sijie Hu, Guanhua Zhao, Changqing Tong, Wei Li. Formal analysis: Sijie Hu, Guanhua Zhao, Wei Li. Funding acquisition: Wei Li. Investigation: Sijie Hu, Yaxu Zheng, Wei Li