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Rogue waves in the two dimensional nonlocal nonlinear Schrödinger equation and nonlocal Klein-Gordon equation

Conceptualization: Wei Liu. Formal analysis: Jing Zhang. Methodology: Wei Liu, Xiliang Li. Writing ± review & editing: Wei Liu. 12 / 16 13 / 16 28. 31. 14 / 16 15 / 16 1. Bender CM , Boettcher S. Real spectra in

Expression of trans-membrane serine protease 3 (TMPRSS3) in the human organ of Corti

TMPRSS3 (Trans-membrane Serine Protease 3) is a type II trans-membrane serine protease that has proteolytic activity essential for hearing. Mutations in the gene cause non-syndromic autosomal recessive deafness (DFNB8/10) in humans. Knowledge about its cellular distribution in the human inner ear may increase our understanding of its physiological role and involvement in deafness...

TEM and STEM Studies on the Cross-sectional Morphologies of Dual-/Tri-layer Broadband SiO2 Antireflective Films

Dual-layer and tri-layer broadband antireflective (AR) films with excellent transmittance were successfully fabricated using base-/acid-catalyzed mixed sols and propylene oxide (PO) modified silica sols. The sols and films were characterized by scanning electron microscope (SEM), Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), transmission...

Environmental-Friendly and Facile Synthesis of Co3O4 Nanowires and Their Promising Application with Graphene in Lithium-Ion Batteries

In this work, we developed an eco-friendly strategy for preparing Co3O4 nanowires. The process consisted of two steps: controllable synthesis of metal cobalt nanowires followed by a facile air-oxidization step. The 1D nanowire structure with a high aspect ratio was easily achieved via a magnetic-field-assisted self-assembly of cobalt ion complexes during reduction. After air...

Magnetic moments of the spin- \({\frac{3}{2}}\) doubly heavy baryons

In this work, we investigate the chiral corrections to the magnetic moments of the spin-\(3\over 2\) doubly charmed baryons systematically up to next-to-next-to-leading order with the heavy baryon chiral perturbation theory. The numerical results are given up to next-to-leading order: \(\mu _{\varXi ^{*++}_{cc}}=2.61\mu _{N}\), \(\mu _{\varXi ^{*+}_{cc}}=-0.18\mu _{N}\), \(\mu _...

Genetic dissection of QTLs and differentiation analysis of alleles for heading date genes in rice

Contributions Data curation: Shuyi Liu. Investigation: Shuyi Liu, Gao Chen, Yongyi Yang. Resources: Hua Zhang, Xu Liu, Wei Liu. Software: Hua Zhang, Ning Xuan. Supervision: Hanfeng Ding. Writing ± original

Charmed baryon weak decays with SU(3) flavor symmetry

We study the semileptonic and non-leptonic charmed baryon decays with SU(3) flavor symmetry, where the charmed baryons can be B c = (Ξ c 0 , Ξ c + , Λ c + ), B c ′ = (Σ c (++,+,0) , Ξ c ′ (+,0) , Ω c 0 ), B cc = (Ξ cc + + , Ξ cc + , Ω c + ) or B cc = Ω ccc + + . With B n (′) denoted as the baryon octet (decuplet), we find that the B c → B n ′ ℓ + ν ℓ decays are forbidden, while...

Association between elevated central venous pressure and outcomes in critically ill patients

Background Some prior studies have shown that elevated mean central venous pressure in certain patient populations and disease processes may lead to poor prognosis. However, these studies failed to generalize the concept of elevated central venous pressure (ECVP) load to all patients in critical care settings because of the limited cases and exclusive cohorts. The aim of the...

A multicenter, randomized trial comparing efficacy and safety of paclitaxel/capecitabine and cisplatin/capecitabine in advanced gastric cancer

. Xiaotian Zhang contributed to data analysis and drafting the manuscript. Zhihao Lu and Lin Shen have also contributed to drafting the manuscript. Zhihao Lu, Wei Liu, Tianshu Liu, Xiaotian Zhang, Bing Hu, Wei

Modelling saliency attention to predict eye direction by topological structure and earth mover’s distance

Peng, Wei Liu. Methodology: Longsheng Wei, Feng Liu. Project administration: Longsheng Wei, Jian Peng. Resources: Longsheng Wei. Software: Longsheng Wei. Supervision: Jian Peng, Feng Liu. Validation ... : Longsheng Wei. Visualization: Longsheng Wei, Xinmei Wang. Writing ± original draft: Longsheng Wei. Writing ± review & editing: Longsheng Wei, Wei Liu, Xinmei Wang. 10 / 11 1. Han J , Zhang D , Wen S , Guo

Identification and characterization of MYH9 locus for high efficient gene knock-in and stable expression in mouse embryonic stem cells

Conceptualization: Robert S. Adelstein, Aibing Wang. Formal analysis: Tanbin Liu, Yi Hu, Shiyin Guo, Lei Tan, Yang Zhan, Lingchen Yang, Wei Liu, Naidong Wang, Chengyu Liu, Yi Yang. Funding acquisition: Aibing Wang ... . 14 / 17 Investigation: Tanbin Liu, Yi Hu, Shiyin Guo, Lei Tan, Lingchen Yang, Wei Liu, Yalan Li, Yingfan Zhang. Supervision: Aibing Wang. Writing ± original draft: Aibing Wang. Writing ± review

Desert soil clay content estimation using reflectance spectroscopy preprocessed by fractional derivative

the rest of your life with me? Author Contributions Conceptualization: Jingzhe Wang, Dong Zhang. Formal analysis: Jingzhe Wang, Dong Zhang, Wei Liu. Investigation: Jingzhe Wang, Jianli Ding, Dong ... Zhang, Wei Liu. Resources: Tashpolat Tiyip, Dong Zhang, Fei Wang, Nigara Tashpolat. Writing ± review & editing: Jingzhe Wang, Tashpolat Tiyip, Dong Zhang. 16 / 19 17 / 19 18 / 19 1. Viscarra Rossel RA

Vps35-deficiency impairs SLC4A11 trafficking and promotes corneal dystrophy

discussions and suggestions. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Wei Liu, Fu-Lei Tang, Jian Ye, Wen-Cheng Xiong. Data curation: Wei Liu, Fu-Lei Tang, Kai Zhao. Formal analysis: Wei Liu, Fu-Lei Tang, Kai ... ± original draft: Wei Liu, Fu-Lei Tang, Wen-Cheng Xiong. Writing ± review & editing: Lin Mei, Jian Ye, Wen-Cheng Xiong. 14 / 16 21. 15 / 16 1. Seaman MN , Marcusson EG , Cereghino JL , Emr SD . Endosome to

A novel architecture for parallel multi-view HEVC decoder on mobile device

The multi-view HEVC (MV-HEVC) extension was finalized in July of 2014 by the Moving Picture Experts Group and the Video Coding Experts Group. Recently, multi-view videos based on stereo representations are becoming widely popular. Also, a variety of multimedia contents are now available for mobile devices. A real-time multi-view video decoder is therefore needed. In mobile...

The ethylene response factor AtERF4 negatively regulates the iron deficiency response in Arabidopsis thaliana

sequences used in this study. (DOCX) Author Contributions Data curation: Wei Liu, Yafei Yang. Formal analysis: Wei Liu, Ting Wu, Xuefeng Xu, Zhenhai Han. Methodology: Xinzhong Zhang. Project ... administration: Yi Wang. Software: Xinzhong Zhang, Xuefeng Xu, Zhenhai Han. Writing ± original draft: Wei Liu, N. J. Umuhoza Karemera, Yi Wang. 18 / 22 19 / 22 20 / 22 21 / 22 1. Briat JF , Fobis-Loisy I

Portable wireless neurofeedback system of EEG alpha rhythm enhances memory

Effect of neurofeedback training (NFT) on enhancement of cognitive function or amelioration of clinical symptoms is inconclusive. The trainability of brain rhythm using a neurofeedback system is uncertainty because various experimental designs are used in previous studies. The current study aimed to develop a portable wireless NFT system for alpha rhythm and to validate effect of...

An efficient depth map preprocessing method based on structure-aided domain transform smoothing for 3D view generation

Depth image-based rendering (DIBR), which is used to render virtual views with a color image and the corresponding depth map, is one of the key techniques in the 2D to 3D conversion process. Due to the absence of knowledge about the 3D structure of a scene and its corresponding texture, DIBR in the 2D to 3D conversion process, inevitably leads to holes in the resulting 3D image...