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Special focus on distributed cooperative analysis, control and optimization in networks

City University of Hong Kong, China Wei REN University of California, Riverside, USA Xinghuo YU RMIT University , Australia Distributed cooperative analysis, control and optimization in networked

Serum uric acid and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in non-obesity Chinese adults

; SBP: Systolic blood pressure; SD: Standard deviation; SUA: Serum uric acid; TC: Total cholesterol; TG: Triacylglycerol Acknowledgments I hereby express gratitude to my dear Prof. Yonghong Wang, Wei Ren

Correlation of serum cartilage oligometric matrix protein (COMP) and interleukin-16 (IL-16) levels with disease severity in primary knee osteoarthritis: A pilot study in a Malaysian population

Contributions Conceptualization: Esha Das Gupta, Abdul Kareem Bhurhanudeen, Swan Sim Yeap. Data curation: Wei Ren Ng, Shew Fung Wong. Formal analysis: Esha Das Gupta, Wei Ren Ng, Shew Fung Wong, Swan Sim Yeap ... . Funding acquisition: Esha Das Gupta, Wei Ren Ng, Abdul Kareem Bhurhanudeen. Investigation: Esha Das Gupta, Wei Ren Ng, Shew Fung Wong, Abdul Kareem Bhurhanudeen. Methodology: Esha Das Gupta. Project

LiPISC: A Lightweight and Flexible Method for Privacy-Aware Intersection Set Computation

Privacy-aware intersection set computation (PISC) can be modeled as secure multi-party computation. The basic idea is to compute the intersection of input sets without leaking privacy. Furthermore, PISC should be sufficiently flexible to recommend approximate intersection items. In this paper, we reveal two previously unpublished attacks against PISC, which can be used to reveal...

Nanodots of multiferroic oxide material BiFeO3 from the first principles

Wei Ren 0 1 0 W. Ren Physics Department and Institute for Nanoscience and Engineering, University of Arkansas , Fayetteville, AR 72701, USA 1 W. Ren (&) Department of Physics, Shanghai University

F2AC: A Lightweight, Fine-Grained, and Flexible Access Control Scheme for File Storage in Mobile Cloud Computing

University of Geosciences, Wuhan 430074, China Received 6 September 2015; Revised 11 November 2015; Accepted 19 November 2015 Academic Editor: Jong-Hyouk Lee Copyright © 2016 Wei Ren et al. This is an open

The SphKs/S1P/S1PR1 axis in immunity and cancer: more ore to be mined

Over the past two decades, huge amounts of research were launched to understand the functions of sphingosine. Many pathways were uncovered that convey the relative functions of biomacromolecules. In this review, we discuss the recent advances of the role of the SphKs/S1P/S1PR1 axis in immunity and cancer. Finally, we investigate the therapeutic potential of new drugs that target...

Heat Transfer Modeling of an Annular On-Line Spray Water Cooling Process for Electric-Resistance-Welded Steel Pipe

On-line spray water cooling (OSWC) of electric-resistance-welded (ERW) steel pipes can replace the conventional off-line heat treatment process and become an important and critical procedure. The OSWC process improves production efficiency, decreases costs, and enhances the mechanical properties of ERW steel pipe, especially the impact properties of the weld joint. In this paper...

Test Results and Nonlinear Analysis of RC T-beams Strengthened by Bonded Steel Plates

This paper describes the test results and nonlinear analysis of reinforced concrete T-beams strengthened by bonded steel plates under increasing static loading conditions. The first part of this paper discusses the flexural tests on five T-beams, including the test model design (based on similarity principles), test programs, and test procedure. The second part discusses the...

Numerical Simulation of Prestressed Precast Concrete Bridge Deck Panels Using Damage Plasticity Model

Wei Ren Lesley H. Sneed Yang Yang Ruili He This paper describes a three-dimensional approach to modeling the nonlinear behavior of partial-depth precast prestressed concrete bridge decks under

Acute lipopolysaccharide exposure facilitates epileptiform activity via enhanced excitatory synaptic transmission and neuronal excitability in vitro

Acute lipopolysaccharide exposure facilitates epileptiform activity via enhanced excitatory synaptic transmission and neuronal excitability in vitro Fei Gao,1,2 Zhiqiang Liu,3 Wei Ren,3 Wen Jiang1

Responses of Crop Water Use Efficiency to Climate Change and Agronomic Measures in the Semiarid Area of Northern China

It has long been concerned how crop water use efficiency (WUE) responds to climate change. Most of existing researches have emphasized the impact of single climate factor but have paid less attention to the effect of developed agronomic measures on crop WUE. Based on the long-term field observations/experiments data, we investigated the changing responses of crop WUE to climate...

Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Analysis on Inflammation Rat Model after Oral Administration of Huang Lian Jie Du Decoction

Huang-Lian-Jie-Du Decoction (HLJDD) is a classical Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) formula with heat-dissipating and detoxifying effects. It is used to treat inflammation-associated diseases. However, no systematic pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamic (PD) data concerning the activity of HLJDD under inflammatory conditions is available to date. In the present study, the...

An apoptosis targeted stimulus with nanosecond pulsed electric fields (nsPEFs) in E4 squamous cell carcinoma

Stimuli directed towards activation of apoptosis mechanisms are an attractive approach to eliminate evasion of apoptosis, a ubiquitous cancer hallmark. In these in vitro studies, kinetics and electric field thresholds for several apoptosis characteristics are defined in E4 squamous carcinoma cells (SCC) exposed to ten 300 ns pulses with increasing electric fields. Cell death was...

LIM and SH3 Domain Protein 1 (LASP-1) Overexpression Was Associated with Aggressive Phenotype and Poor Prognosis in Clear Cell Renal Cell Cancer

Background LIM and SH3 protein 1 (LASP-1) is a specific focal adhesion protein that is known to be involved in numerous biological and pathological processes. LASP-1 overexpression has been described in several types of cancers, but its expression and role in clear cell renal cell cancer (ccRCC) remains unknown. Methods Using immunohistochemistry, we analyzed LASP-1 protein...

Individual aortic baroreceptors are sensitive to different ranges of blood pressures

Many receptors, including thermal receptors and mechanical receptors, are only activated by stimuli within a clearly defined range of intensities. Differences in the receptive ranges enable individual receptors and their sensory centers to precisely detect the intensity of the stimulus and changes in intensity. Baroreceptors are the sensory terminals of the baroreflex. It is well...

Classification of Benign and Malignant Breast Tumors in Ultrasound Images with Posterior Acoustic Shadowing Using Half-Contour Features

Posterior acoustic shadowing (PAS) can bias breast tumor segmentation and classification in ultrasound images. In this paper, half-contour features are proposed to classify benign and malignant breast tumors with PAS, considering the fact that the upper half of the tumor contour is less affected by PAS. Adaptive thresholding and disk expansion are employed to detect tumor...