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Fungal spondylodiscitis in a patient recovered from H7N9 virus infection: a case study and a literature review of the differences between Candida and Aspergillus spondylodiscitis

treatment, the present case had a good result following one-stage radical debridement and internal fixation. Compliance with ethic guideline Lie-dao YU, Zhi-yun FENG, Xuan-wei WANG, Zhi-heng LING, and Xiang

MicroRNAs in breast cancer: oncogene and tumor suppressors with clinical potential

cancers, may be the biggest challenges to be solved. Compliance with ethics guidelines Wei WANG and Yun-ping LUO declare that they have no conflict of interest. This article does not contain any studies

Induction of follicular luteinization by equine chorionic gonadotropin in cyclic guinea pigs

WisconsinMilwaukee, USA, for reading the revised manuscripts and offering valuable suggestions. Compliance with ethics guidelines Jun-rong LI, Wei WANG, and Fang-xiong SHI declare that they have no conflict of

High-pressure balloon dilation for male anterior urethral stricture: single-center experience

until further reconstructive surgery can be planned. Compliance with ethics guidelines Shi-cheng YU, Hai-yang WU, Wei WANG, Li-wei XU, Guo-qing DING, Zhi-gen ZHANG, and Gong-hui LI declare that they

Identification of FECH gene multiple variations in two Chinese patients with erythropoietic protoporphyria and a review

patients. Our findings enrich the clinical profiles for EPP in different ethnic groups. Contributors Zhang-biao LONG and Yong-wei WANG performed the experiments, analyzed data, and wrote the manuscript ... review calls. Their cooperation and helpful comments throw light upon our data collection and statistical analysis. Compliance with ethics guidelines Zhang-biao LONG, Yong-wei WANG, Chen YANG, Gang LIU

Application of generalized estimating equations for crash frequency modeling with temporal correlation

Traditional crash frequency modeling uses crash frequency data averaged across multiple years. When data size is small, crash data in each year are used in the modeling to extend the size of the samples. The extension of sample size could create a temporal correlation among crash frequencies of the different years, which could affect the modeling accuracy. The primary objective...

Effects of EDTA irrigation and water storage on the bonding durability of different adhesive resin cements to intra-radicular dentin

used as the threshold for significance in all tests. Compliance with ethics guidelines Cai-yun MAO, Jia-jia ZHAO, Wei WANG, and Xin-hua GU declare that they have no conflict of interest. All

Analysis of ice slurry production by direct contact heat transfer of air and water solution

In this paper, a novel system using direct contact heat transfer between air and water solution was proposed to generate ice slurry. The heat transfer process and the system performance were studied; energy efficiency coefficients of 0.038, 0.053, and 0.064 were obtained using different solutions. An empirical relationship between the volumetric heat transfer coefficient U v and...

Acoustic impedance characteristics of linear compressors

The acoustic field of a linear compressor serves to deliver the compression work to the load, such as the connected cold head of a cryocooler; it plays an equivalently important role as the electrical and mechanical parts, especially in the impedance match issue. This paper studies the acoustic impedance characteristics of a linear compressor. The parameters including the current...

Needle-free injection of insulin powder: delivery efficiency and skin irritation assessment

., China for their suggestions on the mechanical design of the prototypic injector. Compliance with ethics guidelines Chun-yu LI, Zhe-wei WANG, Can TU, Jia-bo WANG, Bing-qian JIANG, Qi LI, Ling-na ZENG