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Transcriptional study of hyperoxaluria and calcium oxalate nephrolithiasis in male rats: Inflammatory changes are mainly associated with crystal deposition

curation: Sunil Joshi, Wei Wang, Saeed R. Khan. Formal analysis: Sunil Joshi, Wei Wang. Funding acquisition: Saeed R. Khan. Investigation: Saeed R. Khan. Methodology: Sunil Joshi, Wei Wang. Project ... administration: Saeed R. Khan. Resources: Saeed R. Khan. Software: Sunil Joshi, Wei Wang. Supervision: Sunil Joshi, Saeed R. Khan. Validation: Saeed R. Khan. Visualization: Saeed R. Khan. Writing ± original

Effects of tanshinol on markers of bone turnover in ovariectomized rats and osteoblast cultures

Conceptualization: Jianfeng Han, Wei Wang. Data curation: Jianfeng Han. Formal analysis: Jianfeng Han. Investigation: Jianfeng Han. Methodology: Jianfeng Han. Project administration: Wei Wang. Software: Jianfeng ... Han, Wei Wang. Supervision: Jianfeng Han. Writing ± original draft: Jianfeng Han. Writing ± review & editing: Wei Wang. 11 / 13 12 / 13 1. Du L , Nong MN , Zhao JM , Peng XM , Zong SH , Zeng GF

Micronucleus-specific histone H1 is required for micronuclear chromosome integrity in Tetrahymena thermophila

), Shanxi Scholarship Council of China (2015±008). Author Contributions Conceptualization: Wei Wang. Data curation: Juxia Qiao, Jing Xu, Wei Wang. Formal analysis: Juxia Qiao, Tao Bo, Wei Wang. Funding ... acquisition: Wei Wang. Investigation: Juxia Qiao, Jing Xu, Wei Wang. Methodology: Jing Xu, Tao Bo, Wei Wang. Project administration: Jing Xu, Tao Bo, Wei Wang. Resources: Wei Wang. Supervision: Jing Xu

Efficacy and safety of Descemet’s membrane endothelial keratoplasty versus Descemet’s stripping endothelial keratoplasty: A systematic review and meta-analysis

, Jin Yuan. Methodology: Saiqun Li, Wei Wang. Project administration: Saiqun Li, Lingyi Liang. Resources: Saiqun Li, Liangping Liu. Software: Saiqun Li, Wei Wang. Supervision: Ting Huang, Xingwu ... Zhong, Jin Yuan, Lingyi Liang. Validation: Liangping Liu, Wei Wang, Jin Yuan. Writing ± original draft: Saiqun Li. Writing ± review & editing: Wei Wang, Ting Huang, Xingwu Zhong, Jin Yuan, Lingyi Liang

Nutrients resorption and stoichiometry characteristics of different-aged plantations of Larix kaempferi in the Qinling Mountains, central China

Bioresources of Saline Soils (No. YT2014-02), Jiangsu Provincial Environmental Protection Research Project (No. 2016044). Author Contributions Conceptualization: Xiaojing Liu. Data curation: Wei Wang

Tree mortality in response to typhoon-induced floods and mudslides is determined by tree species, size, and position in a riparian Formosan gum forest in subtropical Taiwan

Contributions Conceptualization: Hsy-Yu Tzeng. Data curation: Hsy-Yu Tzeng, Wei Wang, Ching-An Chiu, Chu-Chia Kuo, Shang-Te Tsai. Formal analysis: Hsy-Yu Tzeng, Wei Wang, Ching-An Chiu. Funding acquisition ... : Hsy-Yu Tzeng, Yen-Hsueh Tseng. 19 / 22 Investigation: Hsy-Yu Tzeng, Wei Wang, Yen-Hsueh Tseng, Ching-An Chiu, Chu-Chia Kuo, Shang-Te Tsai. Methodology: Hsy-Yu Tzeng, Shang-Te Tsai. Project

Combinatorial treatment with topical NSAIDs and anti-VEGF for age-related macular degeneration, a meta-analysis

: Songshan Li, Andina Hu. Formal analysis: Songshan Li, Wei Wang. Investigation: Songshan Li. Methodology: Songshan Li, Wei Wang. Project administration: Xiaoyan Ding, Lin Lu. Supervision: Xiaoyan Ding ... , Lin Lu. Writing ± original draft: Songshan Li. Writing ± review & editing: Songshan Li, Wei Wang, Xiaoyan Ding. 10 / 11 12. 14. 1. Friedman DS , O'Colmain BJ , Muñoz B , Tomany SC , McCarty C , de

Associations between lower-limb muscle activation and knee flexion in post-stroke individuals: A study on the stance-to-swing phases of gait

stroke patients and healthy subjects for their participation in the experiment. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Ke Li, Na Wei. 11 / 13 Data curation: Wei Wang, Cuiping Yin. Formal analysis: Wei ... Wang. Funding acquisition: Ke Li. Investigation: Wei Wang, Ke Li. Methodology: Ke Li, Cuiping Yin, Na Wei. Project administration: Ke Li. Resources: Ke Li, Shouwei Yue, Cuiping Yin, Na Wei

Water consumption, grain yield, and water productivity in response to field water management in double rice systems in China

Wu, Wei Wang. Investigation: Wei Wang, Chun Mei Yin, Hai Jun Hou, Xiao Li Xie. Writing ± original draft: Xiao Hong Wu, Wei Wang. Writing ± review & editing: Xiao Hong Wu, Wei Wang, Ke Jun Xie, Xiao

Evaluation of average travel delay caused by moving bottlenecks on highways

. Supervision: Chengcheng Xu, Wei Wang. Writing ± original draft: Xueyan Wei. Writing ± review & editing: Chengcheng Xu, Wei Wang. 23 / 25 4. Daganzo MJCaCF (2000) Experimental Characterization of Multi-Lane ... . (Available from: datatools/) and within the Supporting Information files. Funding: This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 51338003, to Wei

Visual hallucinations in Alzheimer's disease is significantly associated with clinical diagnostic features of dementia with Lewy bodies

statistical analyses. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Pai-Yi Chiu, Ming-Chyi Pai. Data curation: Pai-Yi Chiu, Chein-Wei Wang, Chun-Tang Tsai. Formal analysis: Pai-Yi Chiu. Investigation: Pai-Yi ... Chiu. Methodology: Pai-Yi Chiu, Min-Hsien Hsu, Chein-Wei Wang, Chun-Tang Tsai, Ming-Chyi Pai. Project administration: Pai-Yi Chiu. Resources: Pai-Yi Chiu, Ming-Chyi Pai. Software: Pai-Yi Chiu, Min

MEFV M694V mutation has a role in susceptibility to ankylosing spondylitis: A meta-analysis

researchers (Linqing Zhong and Wei Wang): 1) characteristics of included studies, i.e., the title, the first author, publication year, sample size, study population, and genotyping methods; and 2) the ... researcher (Hongmei Song). Quality assessment The two researchers (Linqing Zhong and Wei Wang) independently evaluated the qualities of the included studies with the Newcastle Ottawa Scale (NOS) [28]. The

An index-based algorithm for fast on-line query processing of latent semantic analysis

Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) is widely used for finding the documents whose semantic is similar to the query of keywords. Although LSA yield promising similar results, the existing LSA algorithms involve lots of unnecessary operations in similarity computation and candidate check during on-line query processing, which is expensive in terms of time cost and cannot efficiently ...

Simultaneous introgression of three POLLED mutations into a synthetic breed of Chinese cattle

present study. (DOCX) Author Contributions Conceptualization: Shi-Yi Chen, Wei Wang. 7 / 9 Formal analysis: Linhai Liu. Funding acquisition: Shi-Yi Chen, Wei Wang. Resources: Maozhong Fu, Jun Yi, Song ... Wang 1 0 Farm Animal Genetic Resources Exploration and Innovation Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province, Sichuan Agricultural University , Chengdu , China , 2 Sichuan Animal Science Academy , Chengdu

Chronic administration of fluoxetine and pro-inflammatory cytokine change in a rat model of depression

Wang, Roger S. McIntyre, Roger C. Ho. Writing ± original draft: Yanxia Lu. Writing ± review & editing: Yanxia Lu, Cyrus S. Ho, Wei Wang, Roger S. McIntyre, Roger C. Ho. 11 / 14 Willner P. Validity ... : Yanxia Lu. Investigation: Xin Liu, Roger S. McIntyre. Methodology: Xin Liu, Anna N. Chua, Roger S. McIntyre. Project administration: Yanxia Lu, Cyrus S. Ho, Roger C. Ho. Supervision: Yanxia Lu, Wei

Prognostic implication of EGFR gene mutations and histological classification in patients with resected stage I lung adenocarcinoma

. Investigation: Chun-Yu Lin, Yen-Mu Wu, Meng-Heng Hsieh, Chih-Wei Wang, Ching-Yang Wu, Ying-Jen Chen, Yueh-Fu Fang. Methodology: Chun-Yu Lin, Chih-Wei Wang, Ching-Yang Wu, Yueh-Fu Fang. Project administration ... : Chun-Yu Lin. Resources: Chun-Yu Lin, Ching-Yang Wu, Yueh-Fu Fang. Supervision: Yueh-Fu Fang. Validation: Chun-Yu Lin, Chih-Wei Wang, Ching-Yang Wu, Yueh-Fu Fang. 9 / 12 Writing ± original draft: Chun

Combined effects of O3 and UV radiation on secondary metabolites and endogenous hormones of soybean leaves

greatly improved the manuscript. Author Contributions Data curation: Rong-Rong Tian. Funding acquisition: Tian-Hong Zhao. Investigation: Hong Yin, Yan Wang, Wei Wang, Jia-Shu Ye. Writing ± original

Functional characterization of an aquaporin from a microsporidium, Nosema bombycis

, Zhongyuan Shen. Methodology: Gong Chen, Wei Wang, Zhongyuan Shen. Project administration: Gong Chen, Zhongyuan Shen. Resources: Wei Wang, Hongli Chen, Weijiang Dai, Xiaoliang Li, Xudong Tang, Li Xu

Immortalization of chicken preadipocytes by retroviral transduction of chicken TERT and TR

The chicken is an important agricultural animal and model for developmental biology, immunology and virology. Excess fat accumulation continues to be a serious problem for the chicken industry. However, chicken adipogenesis and obesity have not been well investigated, because no chicken preadipocyte cell lines have been generated thus far. Here, we successfully generated two ...

Patient-specific core decompression surgery for early-stage ischemic necrosis of the femoral head

Introduction Core decompression is an efficient treatment for early stage ischemic necrosis of the femoral head. In conventional procedures, the pre-operative X-ray only shows one plane of the ischemic area, which often results in inaccurate drilling. This paper introduces a new method that uses computer-assisted technology and rapid prototyping to enhance drilling accuracy during ...