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Emission characteristics of harmful air pollutants from cremators in Beijing, China

. Methodology: Wenjie Zhang. Validation: Lei Nie. Writing ± original draft: Yifeng Xue. Writing ± review & editing: Wei Wang, Hezhong Tian. 12 / 13 1. Liu WB , Tian ZY , Li HF , Xie HT , Xiao K , Li CL , et

Deterministic-aided single dataset STAP method based on sparse recovery in heterogeneous clutter environments

approved the manuscript. Authors’ information Wei Wang is currently a Ph. D. of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China; his research interests include array signal processing, adaptive

RNA-Seq reveals differentially expressed genes affecting polyunsaturated fatty acids percentage in the Huangshan Black chicken population

the FPKM value of each individual. (PDF) Author Contributions Conceptualization: Shaohua Yang, Zhaoyuan Shi, Wei Wang, Guoqing Liu. Data curation: Shaohua Yang, Ying Wang, Lulu Wang, Guoqing Liu ... . Formal analysis: Ying Wang, Lulu Wang, Zhaoyuan Shi, Xiaoqian Ou. Funding acquisition: Guoqing Liu. Investigation: Xiaoqian Ou, Hao Hu. Methodology: Lulu Wang, Wei Wang. Project administration: Shaohua

Hippocampal protein kinase D1 is necessary for DHPG-induced learning and memory impairments in rats

. Conceptualization: Wenkuan Xin, Michael W. Salter, Mohamed Kabbaj, Xian-Min Yu. Data curation: Wei Wang, Florian Duclot, Bradley R. Groveman, Hui Wang. Formal analysis: Wei Wang, Florian Duclot, Bradley R. Groveman ... , Xin-Sheng Ding, Mohamed Kabbaj, Xian-Min Yu. Funding acquisition: Xing-Hong Jiang, Xin-Sheng Ding, Xian-Min Yu. Investigation: Wei Wang, Florian Duclot, Bradley R. Groveman, Nicole Carrier, Xiao-Qian

Genetic structure of six cattle populations revealed by transcriptome-wide SNPs and gene expression

the manuscript. All the authors reviewed the manuscript. Compliance with ethical standards Conflict of interest Wei Wang declares that he has no conflict of interest. Huai Wang declares that he has no

High-throughput sequencing of microbial community diversity in soil, grapes, leaves, grape juice and wine of grapevine from China

. Funding acquisition: Yun Wu. Investigation: Yun Wu, Wan Zou, Wei Wang. Methodology: Yu-jie Wei, Jie Xue. Project administration: Yun Wu, Jie Xue. Resources: Jie Xue. Software: Yin-zhuo Yan. Supervision

Functional and evolutionary implications from the molecular characterization of five spermatophore CHH/MIH/GIH genes in the shrimp Fenneropenaeus merguiensis

Wang, Siuming F. Chan. Funding acquisition: LiLi Shi, Siuming F. Chan. Investigation: Bin Li, Ting Ting Zhou, Siuming F. Chan. Methodology: Siuming F. Chan. Project administration: Wei Wang, Siuming F ... Conflicts of Interest: The authors declared no conflict of interest. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Siuming F. Chan. Data curation: LiLi Shi, Ting Ting Zhou, Siuming F. Chan. Formal analysis: Wei

Preparation of high-efficiency ceramic planar membrane and its application for water desalination

b Jun-Wei WANG 0 Xin XU 0 0 CAS Key Laboratory of Materials for Energy Conversion, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Science and Technology of China , Hefei 230026 , China

Differential stem cell aging kinetics in Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome and Werner syndrome

GUIDELINES Zeming Wu, Weiqi Zhang, Moshi Song, Wei Wang, Gang Wei, Wei Li, Jinghui Lei, Yu Huang, Yanmei Sang, Piu Chan, Chang Chen, Jing Qu, Keiichiro Suzuki, Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte and Guang-Hui Liu

Changes in Skeletal Muscle and Body Weight on Sleeping Beauty Transposon-Mediated Transgenic Mice Overexpressing Pig mIGF-1

Insulin-like growth factor (IGF-I) is an important growth factor in mammals, but the functions of the local muscle-specific isoform of insulin-like growth factor 1 (mIGF-1) to skeletal muscle development have rarely been reported. To determine the effect of pig mIGF-1 on body development and muscle deposition in vivo and to investigate the molecular mechanisms, the transgenic...

Vestibular schwannomas: Accuracy of tumor volume estimated by ice cream cone formula using thin-sliced MR images

: Hsing-Hao Ho, Chih-Wei Wang, Yi-Lin Yu, Dueng-Yuan Hueng, Hsin-I Ma, Chun-Jung Juan. Data curation: Hsing-Hao Ho, Ya-Hui Li, Jih-Chin Lee. Formal analysis: Hsing-Hao Ho, Hsin-I Ma, Chun-Jung Juan ... . Investigation: Hsing-Hao Ho, Hsin-I Ma, Chun-Jung Juan. Methodology: Hsing-Hao Ho, Chih-Wei Wang, Yi-Lin Yu, Dueng-Yuan Hueng, Chun-Jung Supervision: Jih-Chin Lee, Dueng-Yuan Hueng, Hsin-I Ma, Hsian-He Hsu, Chun

SLC52A3 expression is activated by NF-κB p65/Rel-B and serves as a prognostic biomarker in esophageal cancer

The human riboflavin transporter-3 (encoded by SLC52A3) plays a prominent role in riboflavin absorption. Interestingly, abnormal expression patterns of SLC52A3 in multiple types of human cancers have been recently noted. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying its dysregulation remain unclear. In this study, we find that SLC52A3 has two transcript variants that differ in the...

Genome-wide nucleotide diversity and associations with geography, ploidy level and glucosinolate profiles in <Emphasis Type=

The genus Aethionema is sister to the core Brassicaceae (including Arabidopsis thaliana) and thus has an important evolutionary position for comparative analyses. Aethionema arabicum (Brassicaceae) is emerging as a model to understand the evolution of various traits. We generated transcriptome data for seven Ae. arabicum genotypes across the species range including Cyprus, Iran...

Black phosphorus as a new lubricant

discussed. black phosphorus; two-dimensional (2D) material; lubricant additive; self-lubricating composite materials; friction - Wei WANG, Guoxin XIE*, Jianbin LUO* State Key Laboratory of Tribology ... Creative Commons license, and indicate if changes were made.  Wei WANG. He received the Ph.D. degree in Materials Processing Engineering from Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an, China, in 2015

Transcriptional profiling of liver tissues in chicken embryo at day 16 and 20 using RNA sequencing reveals differential antioxidant enzyme activity

Wang. Formal analysis: Lu Lu Wang, Wei Wang, Xue Chen. Funding acquisition: Shaohua Yang, Wei Wang, Guoqing Liu. Investigation: Xue Chen, Guoqing Liu. Methodology: Xiaoqian Ou, Xue Chen. 11 / 14 Project ... processes. (XLSX) S4 File. List of significant KEGG pathway categories for DEGs. (XLSX) Author Contributions Conceptualization: Shaohua Yang, Guoqing Liu. Data curation: Shaohua Yang, Lu Lu Wang, Wei

Plant non-coding RNAs and epigenetics

Dr. Jia-Wei Wang was born in Shanghai and graduated from the Department of Life Science and Technology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 1999. He received a Ph.D. degree at Shanghai Institutes for

Weak decays of doubly heavy baryons: multi-body decay channels

The newly-discovered \(\Xi _{cc}^{++}\) decays into the \( \Lambda _{c}^+ K^-\pi ^+\pi ^+\), but the experimental data has indicated that this decay is not saturated by any two-body intermediate state. In this work, we analyze the multi-body weak decays of doubly heavy baryons \(\Xi _{cc}\), \(\Omega _{cc}\), \(\Xi _{bc}\), \(\Omega _{bc}\), \(\Xi _{bb}\) and \(\Omega _{bb}\), in...