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S100B as an antagonist to block the interaction between S100A1 and the RAGE V domain

Data curation: Md. Imran Khan, Chin Yu. Methodology: Chin Yu. Software: Jinhao Zou, Lee-Wei Yang. Writing ± original draft: Md. Imran Khan. Writing ± review & editing: Md. Imran Khan. Formal ... analysis: Md. Imran Khan, Yu-Kai Su, Lee-Wei Yang, Ruey-Hwang Chou. 18 / 22 19 / 22 20 / 22 21 / 22 1. Santamaria-Kisiel L , Rintala-Dempsey AC , Shaw GS . Calcium-dependent and -independent interactions of

Identification of new type I interferon-stimulated genes and investigation of their involvement in IFN-β activation

-stimulated genes; IFN-β signaling; PIM1; RIG-I; MDA5 - Xiaolin Zhang and Wei Yang have contributed equally to this work. specifically inhibits RIG-I- and MDA5-mediated IFN-β signaling. Our results expand the

Transcriptome analysis in different developmental stages of Batocera horsfieldi (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) and comparison of candidate olfactory genes

: 31270694 to Wei Yang. The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript. Competing interests: The authors have declared that no ... Group China (, for editing the English text of a draft of this manuscript. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Hua Yang, Zhihang Zhuo, Wei Yang, Chunping Yang. Data curation

New Riesz representations of linear maps associated with certain boundary value problems and their applications

In this paper, we obtain new Riesz representations of continuous linear maps associated with certain boundary value problems in the set of all closed bounded convex non-empty subsets of any Banach space. As applications, the Riesz integral representation results are also given.

The effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of plant sterol or stanol-enriched functional foods as a primary prevention strategy for people with cardiovascular disease risk in England: a modeling study

This study appraises the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of consumption of plant sterol-enriched margarine-type spreads for the prevention of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in people with hypercholesterolemia in England, compared to a normal diet. A nested Markov model was employed using the perspective of the British National Health Service (NHS). Effectiveness outcomes were...

Genetic diversity and population structure analysis of spinach by single-nucleotide polymorphisms identified through genotyping-by-sequencing

acquisition: Beiquan Mou. Investigation: Ainong Shi, Jun Qin, Beiquan Mou, Yuejin Weng, Chunda Feng, Dennis Motes, Wei Yang, Lingdi Dong, Gehendra Bhattarai, Waltram Ravelombola. Methodology: Ainong Shi, Jun ... . Validation: Ainong Shi, Jun Qin, Yuejin Weng, Chunda Feng, Dennis Motes, Wei Yang, Lingdi Dong, Gehendra Bhattarai, Waltram Ravelombola. Writing ± original draft: Ainong Shi, Jun Qin. Writing ± review

Correction to: Characterization of the first fully human anti-TEM1 scFv in models of solid tumor imaging and immunotoxin-based therapy

Tumor endothelial marker 1 (TEM1) has been identified as a novel surface marker upregulated on the blood vessels and stroma in many solid tumors. We previously isolated a novel single-chain variable fragment (scFv) 78 against TEM1 from a yeast display scFv library. Here we evaluated the potential applications of scFv78 as a tool for tumor molecular imaging, immunotoxin-based...

Efficient Carrier Injection, Transport, Relaxation, and Recombination Associated with a Stronger Carrier Localization and a Low Polarization Effect of Nonpolar m-plane InGaN/GaN Light-Emitting Diodes

m- plane InGaN/GaN Light-Emitting Diodes Fann-Wei Yang 1 Yu-Siang You 0 Shih-Wei Feng 0 0 Department of Applied Physics, National University of Kaohsiung , No.700, Kaohsiung University Rd., Nanzih

Synthesis, cytotoxicity and antitumour mechanism investigations of polyoxometalate doped silica nanospheres on breast cancer MCF-7 cells

(2015228). Author Contributions Data curation: Hongqian Cao, Rui Tian. Formal analysis: Hongqian Cao. Investigation: Wei Yang. Methodology: Chunyan Li, Wen Qi, Xiangjun Meng. Project administration ... : Yanfei Qi. Resources: Juan Li. Validation: Wei Yang. Visualization: Yanfei Qi, Juan Li. Writing ± original draft: Hongqian Cao. Writing ± review & editing: Hongqian Cao. Acknowledgments This work

The developmental transcriptome of the bamboo snout beetle Cyrtotrachelus buqueti and insights into candidate pheromone-binding proteins

Contributions Conceptualization: Hua Yang, Ting Su, Wei Yang, Chunping Yang, Lin Lu. Data curation: Hua Yang, Ting Su. Formal analysis: Hua Yang, Ting Su, Wei Yang. Funding acquisition: Hua Yang. Methodology ... : Hua Yang, Ting Su, Wei Yang. Project administration: Hua Yang. Resources: Hua Yang. Investigation: Hua Yang, Ting Su, Wei Yang, Chunping Yang, Lin Lu. 20 / 23 Software: Hua Yang, Chunping Yang, Lin

Medical encounters for opioid-related intoxications in Southern Nevada: sociodemographic and clinical correlates

Background Despite today’s heightened concern over opioid overdose, the lack of population-based data examining clinical and contextual factors associated with opioid use represents a knowledge gap with relevance to prevention and treatment interventions. We sought to quantify rates of emergency department (ED) visits and inpatient hospitalizations for harmful opioid effects and...

Fusion expression of Occludin extracellular loops and an α-helical bundle: A new research model for tight junction

Tight junctions (TJs) are the outermost structures of intercellular junctions and are highly specialized membrane domains involved in many important cellular processes. However, most TJ proteins are four-time transmembrane proteins and are difficult to express in their correct soluble form, which limits their functional study and therapeutic application. Human occludin (OCLN) is...

miR-422a inhibits cell proliferation in colorectal cancer by targeting AKT1 and MAPK1

miRNAs are regarded as molecular biomarkers and therapeutic targets for colorectal cancer (CRC), a series of miRNAs have been proven to involve into CRC carcinogenesis, invasion and metastasis. Aberrant miR-422a expression and its roles have been reported in some cancers. However, the function and underlying mechanism of miR-422a in the progression of CRC remain largely unknown...

Measuring the productivity of residential long-term care in England: methods for quality adjustment and regional comparison

Productivity trend information is valuable in developing policy and for understanding changes in the ‘value for money’ of the care system. In this paper, we consider approaches to measuring productivity of adult social care (ASC), and particularly care home services. Productivity growth in the public sector is traditionally measured by comparing change in total output to change...

Replacing process water and nitrogen sources with biogas slurry during cellulosic ethanol production

Environmental issues, such as the fossil energy crisis, have resulted in increased public attention to use bioethanol as an alternative renewable energy. For ethanol production, water and nutrient consumption has become increasingly important factors being considered by the bioethanol industry as reducing the consumption of these resources would decrease the overall cost of...

Strong gravitational field time delay for photons coupled to Weyl tensor in a Schwarzschild black hole

We analyze strong gravitational field time delay for photons coupled to the Weyl tensor in a Schwarzschild black hole. By making use of the method of strong deflection limit, we find that these time delays between relativistic images are significantly affected by polarization directions of such a coupling. A practical problem about determination of the polarization direction by...