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Determination of Gravitational Potential at Ground Using Optical-Atomic Clocks on Board Satellites and on Ground Stations and Relevant Simulation Experiments

The general relativity theory provides a potential way to directly determine the gravitational potential (GP) difference by comparing the running rate or vibration frequencies of two optical-atomic clocks located at two stations. Recently we proposed an approach referred to as satellite frequency signal transmission based on the Doppler canceling technique or tri-frequency...

Corrections to “A comparison of the tesseroid, prism and point-mass approaches for mass reductions in gravity field modelling” (Heck and Seitz, 2007) and “Optimized formulas for the gravitational field of a tesseroid” (Grombein et al., 2013)

≤ 2 the published and corrected expressions are analytically and numerically identical. Acknowledgments The authors Xiao-Le Deng and Wen-Bin Shen would like to acknowledge their support by National 973

Consistent estimates of the dynamic figure parameters of the earth

The Earth’s dynamic figure parameters, namely the principal moments of inertia and dynamic ellipticities of the whole Earth, the fluid outer core and the solid inner core, are fundamental parameters for geodetic, geophysical and astronomical studies. This study aims to re-estimate the mass and the dynamic figure parameters of the Earth on the basis of some global gravity models...