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Existence of solutions for nonlocal p-Laplacian thermistor problems on time scales

In this paper, a nonlocal initial value problem to a p-Laplacian equation on time scales is studied. The existence of solutions for such a problem is obtained by using the topological degree method.

Nonhomogeneous boundary value problem for (I,J) similar solutions of incompressible two-dimensional Euler equations

In this paper we introduce the (I,J) similar method for incompressible two-dimensional Euler equations, and obtain a series of explicit (I,J) similar solutions to the incompressible two-dimensional Euler equations. These solutions include all of the twin wave solutions, some new singularity solutions, and some global smooth solutions with a finite energy. We also reveal that the...

A Fourth-Order Boundary Value Problem with One-Sided Nagumo Condition

Mathematics, Jilin University of Finance and Economics , Changchun 130017 , China 1 Institute of Mathematics, Jilin University , Changchun 130012 , China Correspondence should be addressed to Wenjing Song

Nitric oxide generated by nitrate reductase increases nitrogen uptake capacity by inducing lateral root formation and inorganic nitrogen uptake under partial nitrate nutrition in rice

Increasing evidence shows that partial nitrate nutrition (PNN) can be attributed to improved plant growth and nitrogen-use efficiency (NUE) in rice. Nitric oxide (NO) is a signalling molecule involved in many physiological processes during plant development and nitrogen (N) assimilation. It remains unclear whether molecular NO improves NUE through PNN. Two rice cultivars (cvs...

Do Native Parasitic Plants Cause More Damage to Exotic Invasive Hosts Than Native Non-Invasive Hosts? An Implication for Biocontrol

Field studies have shown that native, parasitic plants grow vigorously on invasive plants and can cause more damage to invasive plants than native plants. However, no empirical test has been conducted and the mechanism is still unknown. We conducted a completely randomized greenhouse experiment using 3 congeneric pairs of exotic, invasive and native, non-invasive herbaceous plant...