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Improving the Secretory Expression of an α-Galactosidase from Aspergillus niger in Pichia pastoris

α-Galactosidases are broadly used in feed, food, chemical, pulp, and pharmaceutical industries. However, there lacks a satisfactory microbial cell factory that is able to produce α-galactosidases efficiently and cost-effectively to date, which prevents these important enzymes from greater application. In this study, the secretory expression of an Aspergillus niger α-galactosidase...

A novel bifunctional GH51 exo-α-l-arabinofuranosidase/endo-xylanase from Alicyclobacillus sp. A4 with significant biomass-degrading capacity

Background Improving the hydrolytic performance of xylanolytic enzymes on arabinoxylan is of importance in the ethanol fermentation industry. Supplementation of debranching (arabinofuranosidase) and depolymerizing (xylanase) enzymes is a way to address the problem. In the present study, we identified a bifunctional α-l-arabinofuranosidase/endo-xylanase (Ac-Abf51A) of glycoside...

Production of a Highly Protease-Resistant Fungal α-Galactosidase in Transgenic Maize Seeds for Simplified Feed Processing

Raffinose-family oligosaccharide (RFO) in soybeans is one of the major anti-nutritional factors for poultry and livestocks. α-Galactosidase is commonly supplemented into the animal feed to hydrolyze α-1,6-galactosidic bonds on the RFOs. To simplify the feed processing, a protease-resistant α-galactosidase encoding gene from Gibberella sp. strain F75, aga-F75, was modified by...