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School-level predictors for the use of ICT in schools and students’ CIL in international comparison

The increasing relevance of information and communication technologies (ICT) and society’s transition towards an information or knowledge society have led to the emergence of new challenges for schools and school systems. Thus, the need for students to develop new forms of skills like digital literacy or computer and information literacy (CIL) is constantly gaining in importance...

A correction model for differences in the sample compositions: the degree of comparability as a function of age and schooling

Background Since the early days of international large-scale assessments, an overarching aim has been to use the world as an educational laboratory so countries can learn from one another and develop educational systems further. Cross-sectional comparisons across countries as well as trend studies derive from the assumption that there are comparable groups of students in the...

Ergebnisse nationaler und internationaler Forschung zu schulischen Innovationsnetzwerken

Einhergehend mit der zunehmenden Bedeutung von Schulnetzwerken kann inzwischen bereits auf eine Vielzahl von Forschungsberichten im internationalen und deutschsprachigen Raum zurückgegriffen werden. Allerdings fehlt bislang eine kompakte Zusammenstellung der Studien sowie der aus den Studien resultierenden Befunde. Der Beitrag nimmt dies zum Anlass, eine Übersicht zum Stand der...