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Gene-nutrient interactions and susceptibility to human obesity

A large number of genome-wide association studies, transferability studies, and candidate gene studies performed in diverse populations around the world have identified gene variants that are associated with common human obesity. The mounting evidence suggests that these obesity gene variants interact with multiple environmental factors and increase susceptibility to this complex...

Nutritional Genetics and Energy Metabolism in Human Obesity

Interest Carole A. Conn declares that she has no conflict of interest. Roger A. Vaughan declares that he has no conflict of interest. William S. Garver declares that he has no conflict of interest. Human

Npc1 haploinsufficiency promotes weight gain and metabolic features associated with insulin resistance

A recent population-based genome-wide association study has revealed that the Niemann–Pick C1 (NPC1) gene is associated with early-onset and morbid adult obesity. Concurrently, our candidate gene-based mouse growth study performed using the BALB/cJ NPC1 mouse model (Npc1) with decreased Npc1 gene dosage independently supported these results by suggesting an Npc1 gene–diet...