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Professor Da-Wen Sun Conferred with Honorary Doctorate Degree from Peru

, Cajamarca , Peru 1 Wilson Castro - Published online: 24 February 2018 # Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, part of Springer Nature 2018 Professor Da-Wen Sun, from UCD School of Biosystems and Food

Multilayer perceptron architecture optimization using parallel computing techniques

The objective of this research was to develop a methodology for optimizing multilayer-perceptron-type neural networks by evaluating the effects of three neural architecture parameters, namely, number of hidden layers (HL), neurons per hidden layer (NHL), and activation function type (AF), on the sum of squares error (SSE). The data for the study were obtained from quality...

Auto-antibody production and glomerulonephritis in congenic Slamf1−/− and Slamf2−/− [B6.129] but not in Slamf1−/− and Slamf2−/− [BALB/c.129] mice

Several genes in an interval of human and mouse chromosome 1 are associated with a predisposition for systemic lupus erythematosus. Congenic mouse strains that contain a 129-derived genomic segment, which is embedded in the B6 genome, develop lupus because of epistatic interactions between the 129-derived and B6 genes, e.g. in B6.129chr1b mice. If a gene that is located on...