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Fast Estimation of Covariance Parameters in Least-Squares Collocation by Fisher Scoring with Levenberg–Marquardt Optimization

Maximum likelihood (ML) and restricted maximum likelihood (REML) are nowadays very popular in geophysics, geodesy and many other fields. There is also a growing number of investigations into how to calculate covariance parameters by ML/REML accurately and fast, and assure the convergence of the iteration steps in derivative-based approaches. The latter condition is not satisfied...

Least squares collocation with uncorrelated heterogeneous noise estimated by restricted maximum likelihood

The article describes the estimation of a priori error associated with heterogeneous, non-correlated noise within one dataset. The errors are estimated by restricted maximum likelihood (REML). The solution is composed of a cross-validation technique named leave-one-out (LOO) and REML estimation of a priori noise for different groups obtained by LOO. A numerical test is the main...