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Prevalence, sleep characteristics, and comorbidities in a population at high risk for obstructive sleep apnea: A nationwide questionnaire study in South Korea

Contributions Conceptualization: Young Hwangbo, Won-Joo Kim, Min Kyung Chu, Chang-Ho Yun, Kwang Ik Yang. Data curation: Jun-Sang Sunwoo, Chang-Ho Yun, Kwang Ik Yang. Formal analysis: Jun-Sang Sunwoo, Kwang Ik ... Yang. Funding acquisition: Won-Joo Kim, Kwang Ik Yang. 10 / 14 Investigation: Jun-Sang Sunwoo, Min Kyung Chu, Kwang Ik Yang. Methodology: Young Hwangbo, Won-Joo Kim, Min Kyung Chu, Chang-Ho Yun, Kwang

Insomnia in tension-type headache: a population-based study

Background Tension-type headache (TTH) represents the most common type of headache among the general population. Although such headaches are usually mild in severity, some individuals with TTH experience severe symptoms and psychiatric comorbidities. Such patients may also experience sleep disturbances, which have been associated with headache exacerbation. Nevertheless...

Insufficient sleep is prevalent among migraineurs: a population-based study

Background Sleep disorder and sleep complaints are common in subjects with migraine. Although the association between sleep disorders and migraine has been reported, the association between perceived insufficient sleep and migraine has rarely reported. The aim of this study is to evaluate the association between insufficient sleep and migraine using the data of the Korean...

Restless legs syndrome and tension-type headache: a population-based study

research support from Hallym University Research Fund 2016 and received lecture honoraria from Yuyu Pharmaceutical Company. Dr. Won-Joo Kim declared no conflict of interest. Dr. Kwang Ik Yang declared no

Anxiety and Depression in Tension-Type Headache: A Population-Based Study

Although tension-type headache (TTH) is a frequent type of headache disorder and imposes a significant burden, there is scant information about the prevalence and impact of comorbid anxiety and depression among individuals with TTH. We investigated the prevalence and clinical impact of anxiety and depression among patients with TTH in the general population. We recruited Korean...

Insomnia in probable migraine: a population-based study

Background Insomnia is a common complaint among individuals with migraine. The close association between insomnia and migraine has been reported in clinic-based and population-based studies. Probable migraine (PM) is a migrainous headache which fulfills all but one criterion in the migraine diagnostic criteria. However, an association between insomnia and PM has rarely been...

Excessive daytime sleepiness is associated with an exacerbation of migraine: A population-based study

Background Previous studies have shown that migraine and sleep disturbances are closely associated. Excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS) is a common symptom of various types of sleep disturbance. Findings from clinic-based studies suggest that a high percentage of migraineurs experience EDS. However, the prevalence and clinical impact of EDS among migraineurs at the population...

Human Fetal Brain-Derived Neural Stem/Progenitor Cells Grafted into the Adult Epileptic Brain Restrain Seizures in Rat Models of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

Cell transplantation has been suggested as an alternative therapy for temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) because this can suppress spontaneous recurrent seizures in animal models. To evaluate the therapeutic potential of human neural stem/progenitor cells (huNSPCs) for treating TLE, we transplanted huNSPCs, derived from an aborted fetal telencephalon at 13 weeks of gestation and...

A Study on the -Adic Integral Representation on Associated with Bernstein and Bernoulli Polynomials

We consider the Bernstein polynomials on and investigate some interesting properties of Bernstein polynomials related to Stirling numbers and Bernoulli numbers.