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Posterior mediastinal ectopic meningioma: a case report

Primary ectopic meningiomas occurring in the mediastinal region are extremely rare. So far, only five cases of primary mediastinal meningioma have been reported in the literatures. The imaging characteristics and the clinicopathological significance of mediastinal psammomatous meningioma have not been detailed. Here, we report the case of a 42-year-old male with primary posterior...

In situ synthesis of P3HT-capped CdSe superstructures and their application in solar cells

Organic/inorganic hybrid solar cells have great potentials to revolutionize solar cells, but their use has been limited by inefficient electron/hole transfer due to the presence of long aliphatic ligands and unsatisfying continuous interpenetrating networks. To solve this problem, herein, we have developed a one-pot route for in situ synthesis of poly(3-hexylthiophene) (P3HT...

Excellent electrical conductivity of the exfoliated and fluorinated hexagonal boron nitride nanosheets

The insulator characteristic of hexagonal boron nitride limits its applications in microelectronics. In this paper, the fluorinated hexagonal boron nitride nanosheets were prepared by doping fluorine into the boron nitride nanosheets exfoliated from the bulk boron nitride in isopropanol via a facile chemical solution method with fluoboric acid; interestingly, these boron nitride...