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A decision support model for investment on P2P lending platform

[41] also can be considered for the further improvement. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Xiangxiang Zeng. Data curation: Li Liu, Jiangze Du. Formal analysis: Li Liu. Funding acquisition ... : Xiangxiang Zeng. Investigation: Xiangxiang Zeng, Li Liu, Jiangze Du. Project administration: Jiangze Du. Supervision: Xiangxiang Zeng, Xun Wang, Tao Li. Validation: Stephen Leung. Visualization: Xun Wang

nDNA-prot: identification of DNA-binding proteins based on unbalanced classification

Background DNA-binding proteins are vital for the study of cellular processes. In recent genome engineering studies, the identification of proteins with certain functions has become increasingly important and needs to be performed rapidly and efficiently. In previous years, several approaches have been developed to improve the identification of DNA-binding proteins. However, the...