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Identifying Biological Network Structure, Predicting Network Behavior, and Classifying Network State With High Dimensional Model Representation (HDMR)

This work presents an adapted Random Sampling - High Dimensional Model Representation (RS-HDMR) algorithm for synergistically addressing three key problems in network biology: (1) identifying the structure of biological networks from multivariate data, (2) predicting network response under previously unsampled conditions, and (3) inferring experimental perturbations based on the...

Biclustering via optimal re-ordering of data matrices in systems biology: rigorous methods and comparative studies

Background The analysis of large-scale data sets via clustering techniques is utilized in a number of applications. Biclustering in particular has emerged as an important problem in the analysis of gene expression data since genes may only jointly respond over a subset of conditions. Biclustering algorithms also have important applications in sample classification where, for...

Quiescent Fibroblasts Exhibit High Metabolic Activity

Metabolomics technology reveals that fibroblast that have exited the proliferative cell cycle nevertheless utilize glucose throughout central carbon metabolism and rely on the pentose phosphate pathway for viability.