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Candidate genes for first flower node identified in pepper using combined SLAF-seq and BSA

Chen, Fenglan Zhang, Haiying Zhang, Qian Wang. Supervision: Haiying Zhang, Qian Wang, Sansheng Geng. Writing ± original draft: Xiaofen Zhang, Guoyun Wang. Writing ± review & editing: Xiaofen Zhang

Visualization of Anatomic Variation of the Anterior Septal Vein on Susceptibility-Weighted Imaging

Background and Purpose Understanding the anatomy of the anterior septal vein (ASV) is critical for minimally invasive procedures to the third ventricle and for assessing lesion size and venous drainage in the anterior cranial fossa. Accordingly, this study evaluated topographic anatomy and anatomic variation of the ASV using susceptibility-weighted imaging (SWI). Methods Sixty...

Molecular Optical Imaging with Radioactive Probes

Background Optical imaging (OI) techniques such as bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging have been widely used to track diseases in a non-invasive manner within living subjects. These techniques generally require bioluminescent and fluorescent probes. Here we demonstrate the feasibility of using radioactive probes for in vivo molecular OI. Methodology/Principal Findings By...