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Self-catalyzed Growth of InAs Nanowires on InP Substrate

We report on the self-catalyzed growth of InAs nanowires on InP substrate by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition. At a moderate V/III ratio, tapered nanowires are obtained, suggesting a strong surface diffusion effect. Dense twin faults are observed perpendicular to the nanowire growth direction due to the fluctuation of In atoms in the droplet originating from the surface ...

A High-Efficiency Si Nanowire Array/Perovskite Hybrid Solar Cell

A low-cost Si nanowire array/perovskite hybrid solar cell is proposed and simulated. The solar cell consists of a Si p-i-n nanowire array filled with CH3NH3PbI3, in which both the nanowires and perovskite absorb the incident light while the nanowires act as the channels for transporting photo-generated electrons and holes. The hybrid structure has a high absorption efficiency in a ...

Plasmonic circular resonators for refractive index sensors and filters

A plasmonic refractive index sensor based on a circular resonator is proposed. With all three dimensions below 1 μm, the sensor has a compact and simple structure granting it ease-of-fabrication and ease-of-use. It is capable of sensing trace amounts of liquid or gas samples. The sensing properties are investigated using finite elements method. The results demonstrate that the ...

Plasmon-Enhanced Light Absorption in GaAs Nanowire Array Solar Cells

conceived and designed the sturcture. Xia Zhang,Xiaomin Ren and Xin Yan reviewed and edited the manuscript.All authors read and approved the final manuscript. Acknowledgements This work was supported by the

Analysis of Critical Dimensions for Nanowire Core-Multishell Heterostructures

Critical dimensions for nanowire core-multishell heterostructures are analyzed by using finite-element method based on the energy equilibrium criteria. Results show that the nanowire core-shell heterostructure can sufficiently reduce the strain in the shell and increase the critical shell thickness. The critical dimensions for the nanowire core-multishell heterostructure are ...

Asymmetric hybrid plasmonic waveguides with centimeter-scale propagation length under subwavelength confinement for photonic components

Wei Wei 0 Xia Zhang 0 Xiaomin Ren 0 0 State Key Laboratory of Information Photonics and Optical Communications, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications , P.O. Box 66, Beijing 100876

Axially connected nanowire core-shell p-n junctions: a composite structure for high-efficiency solar cells

A composite nanostructure for high-efficiency solar cells that axially connects nanowire core-shell p-n junctions is proposed. By axially connecting the p-n junctions in one nanowire, the solar spectrum is separated and absorbed in the top and bottom cells with respect to the wavelength. The unique structure of nanowire p-n junctions enables substantial light absorption along the ...

Guiding properties of asymmetric hybrid plasmonic waveguides on dielectric substrates

We proposed an asymmetric hybrid plasmonic waveguide which is placed on a substrate for practical applications by introducing an asymmetry into a symmetric hybrid plasmonic waveguide. The guiding properties of the asymmetric hybrid plasmonic waveguide are investigated using finite element method. The results show that, with proper waveguide sizes, the proposed waveguide can ...