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Modeling Day-to-day Flow Dynamics on Degradable Transport Network

Stochastic link capacity degradations are common phenomena in transport network which can cause travel time variations and further can affect travelers’ daily route choice behaviors. This paper formulates a deterministic dynamic model, to capture the day-to-day (DTD) flow evolution process in the presence of degraded link capacity degradations. The aggregated network flow...

Application of the Benchmark Dose (BMD) Method to Identify Thresholds of Cadmium-Induced Renal Effects in Non-Polluted Areas in China

The benchmark dose (BMD) method has been increasingly used to assess the health risks of cadmium (Cd) in epidemiological studies. The aim of our study was to estimate the threshold levels of urinary Cd (UCd) using the BMD method in a general population of Jiangshan City, Zhejiang Province of China. In our study, a total of 934 people (469 men, 465 women) were recruited and...

Iodine nutritional status after the implementation of the new iodized salt concentration standard in Zhejiang Province, China

Background Iodine deficiencies were prevalent in China until the introduction of universal salt iodization (USI) in 1995. In 2012, the standard salt iodine concentration was adjusted to 20-30 mg/kg. The success of USI for the control of iodine deficiency disorders requires monitoring its effect at a population level. Methods Two cross sectional surveys of a representative sample...