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Subcarrier allocation based simultaneous wireless information and power transfer for multiuser OFDM systems

approved the final manuscript. Authors’ information 1 Zhenyu Na and Xiaotong Li are from the School of Information Science and Technology of Dalian Maritime University (DMU), Dalian, China. Zhenyu Na is the ... associate professor of DMU. His research interests include OFDM communications, non-orthogonal multicarrier techniques, satellite communications, and networking. Xiaotong Li is the postgraduate of DMU whose

The Gametocytes of Leucocytozoon sabrazesi Infect Chicken Thrombocytes, Not Other Blood Cells

Leucocytozoon parasites infect a large number of avian hosts, including domestic chicken, and cause significant economical loss to the poultry industry. Although the transmission stages of the parasites were observed in avian blood cells more than a century ago, the specific host cell type(s) that the gametocytes infect remain uncertain. Because all the avian blood cells, including ...

Praziquantel Synergistically Enhances Paclitaxel Efficacy to Inhibit Cancer Cell Growth

The major challenges we are facing in cancer therapy with paclitaxel (PTX) are the drug resistance and severe side effects. Massive efforts have been made to overcome these clinical challenges by combining PTX with other drugs. In this study, we reported the first preclinical data that praziquantel (PZQ), an anti-parasite agent, could greatly enhance the anticancer efficacy of PTX ...