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Restoration and Purification of Dissolved Organic Nitrogen by Bacteria and Phytoremediation in Shallow Eutrophic Lakes Sediments

Endogenous organic nitrogen loadings in lake sediments have increased with human activity in recent decades. A 6-month field study from two disparate shallow eutrophic lakes could partly reveal these issues by analysing seasonal variations of biodegradation and phytoremediation in the sediment. This paper describes the relationship between oxidation reduction potential...

Modeling an enhanced ridesharing system with meet points and time windows

during the preparation of this manuscript. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Xin Li, Wenbo Fan. Funding acquisition: Wenbo Fan. Investigation: Wenbo Fan. Methodology: Xin Li. Project

Influence of the DRD2/ANKK1 Taq1A polymorphism on caudate volume in older adults without dementia

Dopaminergic neuromodulation is critically important for brain and cognitive integrity. The DRD2/ANKK1 Taq1A polymorphism is associated with striatal dopamine (DA) D2 receptor availability. Some previous studies have found that the A allele of the Taq1A polymorphism influences brain structure, but the results are inconsistent, likely due to population heterogeneity and small...

A next best view method based on self-occlusion information in depth images for moving object

visual information processing, pattern recognition and human-computer interaction. Xin Li received his B.S. from Hebei Normal University, Shijiazhuang, China, in 2010. He is currently pursuing his M.S

A neonatal murine model for evaluation of enterovirus E HY12 virus infection and pathogenicity

. Funding acquisition: Xinping Wang. Investigation: Xiaochun Gai, Qun Zhang, Haibing Lu, Xin Li. Methodology: Xiaochun Gai, Haibing Lu, Lisai Zhu, Xinping Wang. Project administration: Xinping Wang. 13 ... / 15 Software: Xinping Wang. Supervision: Xinping Wang. Validation: Qun Zhang, Haibing Lu, Zhanqing Yang, Lisai Zhu, Xin Li. Visualization: Xinping Wang. Writing ± original draft: Xiaochun Gai, Qun

β-glucuronidase use as a single internal control gene may confound analysis in FMR1 mRNA toxicity studies

acquisition: Kim M. Cornish, David E. Godler. Investigation: Claudine M. Kraan, Kim M. Cornish, Quang M. Bui, David E. Godler. Methodology: Claudine M. Kraan, Quang M. Bui, Xin Li, David E. Godler. Project ... administration: Claudine M. Kraan, Kim M. Cornish, David E. Godler. Resources: Kim M. Cornish, David E. Godler. Supervision: Kim M. Cornish, Howard R. Slater, David E. Godler. Validation: Xin Li. Writing

Test the mergers of the primordial black holes by high frequency gravitational-wave detector

The black hole could have a primordial origin if its mass is less than \(1M_\odot \). The mergers of these black hole binaries generate stochastic gravitational-wave background (SGWB). We investigate the SGWB in high frequency band \(10^{8}\)–\(10^{10}\,\mathrm {Hz}\). It can be detected by high frequency gravitational-wave detector. Energy density spectrum and amplitude of the...

Finslerian dipolar modulation of the CMB power spectra at scales \(2<l<600\)

A common explanation for the CMB power asymmetry is to introduce a dipolar modulation at the stage of inflation, where the primordial power spectrum is spatially varying. If the universe in the stage of inflation is Finslerian, and if the Finsler spacetime is non-reversible under parity flip, \(x\rightarrow -x\), then a three dimensional spectrum which is a function of wave...

CuCr2O4@rGO Nanocomposites as High-Performance Cathode Catalyst for Rechargeable Lithium–Oxygen Batteries

Rechargeable lithium–oxygen batteries have been considered as a promising energy storage technology because of their ultra-high theoretical energy densities which are comparable to gasoline. In order to improve the electrochemical properties of lithium–oxygen batteries (LOBs), especially the cycling performance, a high-efficiency cathode catalyst is the most important component...

The role of character positional frequency on Chinese word learning during natural reading

: Feifei Liang, Hazel I. Blythe, Xuejun Bai, Guoli Yan, Chuanli Zang, Simon P. Liversedge. 21 / 24 Data curation: Feifei Liang, Guoli Yan, Xin Li, Simon P. Liversedge. Formal analysis: Feifei Liang, Simon ... P. Liversedge. Investigation: Feifei Liang, Hazel I. Blythe, Xuejun Bai, Guoli Yan, Chuanli Zang, Simon P. Liversedge. Methodology: Feifei Liang, Hazel I. Blythe, Xuejun Bai, Guoli Yan, Xin Li

Effects of vaspin on pancreatic β cell secretion via PI3K/Akt and NF-κB signaling pathways

regarding this manuscript. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Shiwei Liu. Data curation: Shiwei Liu, Xin Li, Yaru Wu, Ruixue Duan. 16 / 20 Formal analysis: Shiwei Liu, Xin Li, Yaru Wu, Ruixue Duan ... . Funding acquisition: Shiwei Liu. Investigation: Shiwei Liu, Xin Li, Yaru Wu. Methodology: Shiwei Liu, Xin Li, Yaru Wu, Ruixue Duan, Jiaxin Zhang, Fang Du, Qi Zhang. Project administration: Shiwei Liu, Xin

CO hydrogenation combined with water-gas-shift reaction for synthetic natural gas production: a thermodynamic and experimental study

The hydrogenation of CO to synthetic natural gas (SNG) needs a high molar ratio of H2/CO (usually large than 3.0 in industry), which consumes a large abundant of hydrogen. The reverse dry reforming reaction (RDR, 2H2 + 2CO ↔ CH4 + CO2), combining CO methanation with water-gas-shift reaction, can significantly decrease the H2/CO molar ratio to 1 for SNG production. A detailed...

Quantitative thyroglobulin response to radioactive iodine treatment in predicting radioactive iodine-refractory thyroid cancer with pulmonary metastasis

: Chen Wang, Yansong Lin. Data curation: Chen Wang, Xin Zhang. Formal analysis: Chen Wang, Xin Zhang. Funding acquisition: Yansong Lin. Methodology: Xin Zhang, Hui Li, Xin Li. Project administration ... : Hui Li, Xin Li. Resources: Chen Wang, Xin Li. Software: Hui Li, Xin Li. Supervision: Xin Li. Validation: Xin Zhang, Hui Li. Visualization: Chen Wang, Hui Li. Writing ± original draft: Chen Wang

Enhancing monellin production by Pichia pastoris at low cell induction concentration via effectively regulating methanol metabolism patterns and energy utilization efficiency

, Qiangqiang Huai, Jiaowen Sun, Shanshan Chen. Methodology: Luqiang Jia, Zhongping Shi. Project administration: Zhongping Shi. Resources: Xin Li. Supervision: Zhongping Shi, Jian Ding. Validation: Luqiang

Systematic evaluation of a targeted gene capture sequencing panel for molecular diagnosis of retinitis pigmentosa

. Software: Jing Wu. Supervision: Asan, Jianlian Deng. Validation: Yanhua Chen, Lihui Tang, Jinting Shen. Writing ± original draft: Yan Su, Xinxin Zhang. Writing ± review & editing: Xin Li, Deng Te. 15

Shrinkage function and its applications in matrix approximation

The shrinkage function is widely used in matrix low-rank approximation, compressive sensing, and statistical estimation. In this article, an elementary derivation of the shrinkage function is given. In addition, applications of the shrinkage function are demonstrated in solving several well-known problems, together with a new result in matrix approximation.

The purification of reduced β2-glycoprotein I showed its native activity in vitro

New evidence has shown that reduced β2-glycoprotein I (β2GPI) has anti-oxidative stress and anti-inflammatory activity. However, the details are still poorly understood. This study aims to prepare stable reduced β2GPI with its native bioactivity in vitro. Human β2GPI was purified from plasma first with perchloric acid precipitation and then purified with a series of...

Low doses of oxygen ion irradiation cause long-term damage to bone marrow hematopoietic progenitor and stem cells in mice

Shao. Data curation: Gregory Nelson, Lijian Shao. Formal analysis: Yingying Wang, Jianhui Chang, Xin Li, Lijian Shao. Funding acquisition: Marjan Boerma, Martin Hauer-Jensen, Daohong Zhou